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  • Sliders was a show about a rag tag band of 4 with one named Quinn Mallory who invented a way of "sliding" to parallel dimensions. Same planet, same year, but everything else is different. His invention malfunctions and they can't find their way home.

    Seasons 1-3 of Sliders aired on FOX. The pilot was a brilliant 2 hour TV Movie, where a college genius named Quinn Mallory invents a device allowing him to cross or "slide" into a parallel dimension where it's the same planet and the same year, but everything else is different. Long story short, when Quinn starts exhibiting odd behavior his professor Maxamillion P. Arturo and his co-worker Wade Welles come to his house to check on him. He decides to take them on a slide. Problem is he tried to open a bigger portal to accommodate more people and ended up over loading the remote or "Timer", and ends up sucking up a random passerby (Rembrandt Brown) into the portal as well. The overload causes the coordinates back home to be disabled and instead it just sends them to random parallel worlds. Now, they have to keep sliding to find their way home. Seasons 1 and 2 were amazingly brilliant, with many parallel worlds focusing on alternate history scenarios and encounters with doubles of themselves. FOX attempted to can it, but decided to bring it back for a 3rd season. However, the brass at FOX decided that the show needed more action and pressured the producers to change the concept from alternate histories to worlds based off of disaster movies. The episodes became less like television episodes and more like one hour sci-fi channel "B" movies with disaster concepts. Episodes ripped off movies like Tremors and Twister. Also, they decided to kill off the professor which is where the show jumped the shark midway through season 3. They then brought in a sexy new actress named Maggie who was supposed to help the ratings but didn't. After season 3 FOX still ended up cancelling Sliders. Luckily, the SciFi channel (now known as SyFy) picked the show back up for seasons 4 and 5. Well, if you thought FOX was destroying Sliders, then you haven't seen anything yet. SciFi channel literally butchered the series. The SciFi channel Sliders seasons sucked because they got rid of Wade, and brought in Quinns brother Colin from another dimension. Then they claimed that Quinn isn't even from the Earth that he has been trying to get back to for the last 3 seasons... basically making the entire concept of trying to get back home utterly pointless. Making the first 3 seasons seem like it was all for nothing. Well, then season 5 rolls around just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Quinn gets merged with a double that doesn't even look like him, and creates a new Quinn that they simply refer to as "Mallory". They got a new guy playing Mallory and he sucks. Then, Colin gets stuck on the astral plane during a slide which basically means that he got stuck in limbo and lost forever. So, now the only original slider is Rembrandt, who began the show as the token wise cracking black guy but in Season 5 becomes the lead actor in the series. That is the one saving grace of Season 5 is that we see Rembrandt really mature and finally reach his potential. It's just sad that all the other main characters had to be written off before the writers gave him more of a chance. So, season 5 doesn't make much of any sense because Rembrandt is still trying to get home, but he has 3 people with him that don't even belong on his Earth lol (Mallory, Maggie, and a new black chick that got picked up along the way). Then, the final episode really makes you mad because the next slide was supposed to kill them, but Rembrandt risked it to get back home with a virus that would kill off this alien race that has been infesting dimensions including his Earth. He slides alone with the virus, and we never know his fate because Sci-Fi channel blew all of Sliders budget on other projects because they didn't think a season without Quinn would do well... but it somehow actually did, but by then it was too late. (Interesting note: The 2 hour pilot, and Sliders as a whole seemed to borrow a lot of ideas and some of it's premise from 'Back to the Future'. Sliders was essentially like the cousin of 'Back to the Future'. Part of that may be that they were both backed by Universal. Think for a moment, in 'Back to the Future' Marty was a sarcastic intelligent school kid who along with his scientist buddy Doc Brown travels back through time, and when the machine malfunctions he has to figure out a way back home before it's too late. In Sliders, Quinn was a sarcastic intelligent school kid who along with his professor Arturo travels through parallel dimensions, and when the machine malfunctions he has to figure out a way back home. Sound familiar??? Now, there are lots a differences obviously, but there are some distinct eerie similarities. Marty is Quinn. Doc Brown is Professor Arturo. Jennifer is Wade. Marvin Berry (the lead of that soul group that performed at Marty's parents 'enchantment under the sea' dance) is Rembrandt Brown. In Back to the Future 2, Marty runs into himself... In Sliders, Quinn often runs into doubles of himself. In Back to the Future 2, Marty's dad is dead in the future timeline... and alive in the present. In Sliders, Quinn's dad is dead in his dimension and alive in other dimensions. Jennifer Parker Marty's g/f and Wade are both the girl next door types. Sliders, borrowed a lot of characters and plot lines from Back to the Future, with the difference being instead of time travel.. parallel dimensions. Sliders basically cookie cuttered characters from 'Back to the Future' and changed the concept from time travel to dimensional travel... and as the series wore on it really took off and established its own identity and began to look very different from Back to the Future.)
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