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  • Sliders, Gone but not forgotten...

    My husband and I just finished watching the entire series on Netflix, at least 85 episodes anyway. At least one episode is missing, the one where Prof. Arturo wins the presidential election in a world dominated by women. I was wondering if anybody knows what happened to that episode.

    I totally agree, this show could be brought back at anytime by people with the right "know-how," but if Jerry O'Connell, doesn't want to be a part of it anymore, I don't know if it could make it without him. The original cast made the show and when they started messing with that the show went down hill, but I do have to say, they left us wanting more by the end of season 5.

    Our "Return of Sliders" idea is that Diana builds a new timer with the Kromag technology found on the last world they landed on. Using this new timer they lock in on the coordinates that Remmy slid to and find out what happened to Rembrandt. Once the 4 are all together again they resume their sliding adventures. On a later episode they would slide onto a world with far more advanced technology where they would be able to separate the 2 Quinns and the "new" Quinn would either die during the experiment or decide he doesn't want to slide anymore. Then it would be Quinn (Jerry O'Connell), Remmy, Maggie and Diana. We also discussed the possibility that the Wade in the brain experiment episode would be an alternate Wade and they could slide onto a Kromag breeding camp world and discover that Wade is still alive and rescue her. Then later Diana could decide that she is done with sliding since they were finally able to separate Quinn and Mallory. Quinn himself could figure out a solution to Collin's predicament, but all of this would hinge on whether or not the actors and actresses would be willing to make a come back.

    Other episode ideas are "Going Native" where Columbus never discovered America and the world still believes the planet is flat, or where Native Americans would be the ruling power and everything in society would be based off of their beliefs. Or how about if the Japanese had taken over America after bombing Pearl Harbor. A history buff could have a field day with this show pinpointing turning points our history and switching how things turned out. They did an episode where male humans were very rare, how about an episode where female humans were very rare, what would that be like?