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Season 3 Episode 1

Rules of the Game

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1996 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The sliders crash land in the middle of a deadly game of survival. Their hopes of making it to the finish line alive get a little worse when Arturo is blinded by a stray laser bolt.

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    Cleavant Derricks

    Cleavant Derricks

    Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown

    Jerry O'Connell

    Jerry O'Connell

    Quinn Mallory

    Sabrina Lloyd

    Sabrina Lloyd

    Wade Wells

    John Rhys-Davies

    John Rhys-Davies

    Professor Maximillian P. Arturo

    Laurie Fortier

    Laurie Fortier


    Guest Star

    Joshua Malina

    Joshua Malina


    Guest Star

    Georgia Packard

    Georgia Packard

    Camera Operator (uncredited)

    Guest Star

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      • Egghead: We have a great assortment of booby traps, heat-seeking androids, and mind-blowing mayhem guaranteed to kill a few of you in a very entertaining fashion.

      • Nicky: (to Arturo) You're a little out of shape for the games aren't you pops?
        Arturo: Well it depends what sort of games you had in mind, doesn't it, madam? (Rembrandt laughs)

      • Quinn: I wonder who invented this game.
        Wade: Some pretty sick puppies.
        Rembrandt: Yeah. Well, maybe they got bored with the Super Bowl, huh?

      • Rembrandt: Well, if it's a bomb, we're gonna have to disarm it.
        Wade: What do you know about bombs?
        Rembrandt: Girl, in the Navy, you learn a lot about everything. Hey, Professor, what are the wires comin' out of this coil?
        Arturo: That isn't a coil, Mister Brown. This is a diesel engine; they don't have coils. How much time did you spend on that course?
        Rembrandt: Well, I took a couple of classes before I left on a U.S.O. tour.

      • Rambrandt: (to Arturo) You know something? For somebody with so much education, there are moments when you aren't very smart at all.

      • Arturo: Mister Mallory, every teacher goes through life, hoping, just once, to have a student like you. I just wanted you to know that. Now go away.

      • (Under fire)
        Quinn: Has anybody got a pen?
        Wade: What, you wanna write a letter?
        Arturo: The pen is a mighty instrument.

      • Quinn: (Trying to re-balance the trigger to get Wade safely off it) How much do you weigh?
        Wade: 100 pounds (Quinn looks over at her) Okay, maybe 104 - I had a lot of pizza last week.

      • Arturo: (after Quinn finds Arturo outside of the safe house) This may come as a surprise to you, Mr. Mallory, but I am not yet comfortable with making my private hygiene a public event.

      • Wade: I've got this thing about flying.
        Quinn: Sliding between parallel worlds doesn't bother you, but flying does?
        Wade: You have no idea how much.

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