Season 3 Episode 1

Rules of the Game

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1996 on FOX

Episode Recap

The sliders arrive from a cold journey, no thanks to igloo world, onto an airplane. Wade does not like flying, but the others don't mind so they eat the snacks. When the plane starts to go a little out of control, Quinn, Arturo and Rembrandt decide to investigate, but to their dismay there is no pilot. Quinn and Arturo attempt to land the plane and manage to do so. Everyone else that is on the plane is okay. Quinn and Arturo then suspect that this was fixed as if it was a game, and they are right. The "Game" will apparently start soon. It seems the plane was a simulator. The "Game" can have deadly consequences. They have 38 hours until they slide, so the sliders have to participate in this game or die trying.

The sliders decide to stay in a safe house so they will not be harmed and to pass the time, but when it starts heating up, they grab what equipment they can and run out. They have no choice but to play this "Deadly Game".

When they exit the building, they are shot at by little things on the ground. Arturo and Quinn manage to crawl along the ground and jam the little guns with ink pens and flee to safety. The only way out of the game is via the finish line. Shortly after this deadly escapade, Arturo is hit by a beam and is blinded. According to the loud speaker, they have reached level 2. Arturo is agitated because he is blind. The sliders are nearly attacked by a robot dog, but it is stuck behind a fence.

The sliders manage to make it pass 2 levels, and then separate for a while, to bring them closer to the finish line. Arturo tries to convince Rembrandt to leave him behind but Rembrandt will not budge. Wade and Quinn decide to rest for a while behind a truck. Arturo and Rembrandt go into a building. Rembrandt is attracted to a magnetic web with electrifying spiders. It is up to a blind Arturo to rescue him, or Rembrandt will die… Rembrandt tells Arturo to put the torch with the gun so he can see where Arturo's gun is aimed. Rembrandt then directs Arturo on where to shoot the spiders. There is one left when Arturo runs out of ammo. Rembrandt shoots it using his own gun, but with a little difficulty since he is still attached. Rembrandt is released from the web and they are told that they have made it to level 4.

The gang finally meets up with one another and they are now all on the last level and there are no rules. Quinn agrees to place Nicki's medallion in the recorder if she doesn't make it to the end. Quinn fires the signal and Arturo and Rembrandt hear it. They join up in time to fight more robots together. Arturo's sight is now returning to him. Nicki is hit by one of the robots. They get within sight of the end and she dies. Quinn feels he has to carry out her promise. The robots use heat sensors, so the sliders use cold carbon dioxide to mask their run to the end. Quinn puts the medallion in the recorder and the game ends. The vortex opens and they slide, leaving behind all guns and ammo, and sliding to their next adventure.