Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Jul 27, 1998 on FOX

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  • You Cannot Go Home, Again

    The Sliders except to land on Quinn and Colin's homeworld, but instead find themselves trapped in a derelict facility with no chance of sliding out. The facility has become a prison for humans and Kromaggs trying to slide into Quinn and Colin's home world.

    Quinn and Colin can unlock the planetary slide cage, but doing so puts the planet at risk for invasion. Will they do it? Meanwhile, Rembrandt is captured by the Kromaggs (The leader has a strange son) and Maggie finds an eccentric human resident who has spent years watching the humans and the Kromaggs, as if they were some sort of . series.

    In the end, the brothers send the trapped humans and Kromaggs back to whatever earth they previously slide into. Quinn and Colin will have to find some other way to reach their home world.

    "Slidecage" is an interesting look at the conflict between the humans and Kromaggs, and how the years of fighting in the facility has steadily eroded people's humanity. It also has a few jokes directed at fans of the Sliders series.

    This episode also develops the concept of human-Kromagg hybrids, and how these hybrids can have human values, along with some special Kromagg abilities. Overall, it's a good episode and one of the most important episode in the season.