Season 3 Episode 18

Sole Survivors

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 1997 on FOX
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The sliders arrive on a world where civilization has fallen to a bacteria that creates flesh-eating zombies. Shortly after arriving, Quinn is bitten, and starts turning into a zombie too.

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  • Yikes! Zombies (insert Cranberries joke here)

    The Sliders land on a world where an unethical corporation's diet product, turned people into flesh eating, green eyed, Romero zombies.

    Q-ball gets bitten by a zombie, but helps a doctor to develop the antitode using the blood of a woman who has a natural immunity.

    Part of the problem with this episode is that its not really scary.

    Some suspense is generated when a man (living inside a bus), but this early scene is mostly followed up with mildly annoying zombies

    This is not a good thing for a zombie-themed episode that wants to be taken seriously.

    The idea of an unethical diet company causing a zombie outbreak aint a terrible idea.

    The idea could work as social commentary, but its not developed well enough to be taken seriously.

    The show tries to add in haphazardly insert some commentary about drug prohibition, with "herbal" (pot?) medicine and the idea that caffenie is illegal on this world, a good for weight loss.

    Part of the problem may be that the original script had the Professor in it, which had to be (quickly) changed when Davies quit /was fired.

    "Sole Survivors" is a Sliders episode with lots of potential, trapped in an unpolished, overly silly, script.

  • Zombies! There is not too much more to say about this story. It has zombies in it...

    Zombies! There is not too much more to say about this story. It has zombies in it. Quin starts to turn into a zombie. Not a good episode, and definitely not a smart one to show immediately after the death of Arturo. You would really need a good episode to encourage people to accept maggie, something old school, in a familiar environment. Oh well, it is too bad they had to show this one now. I do agree with some others, they initially try to show maggie as intense warrior and establish her mo, but mostly she looks like an idiot, as if she was built in a lab or something rather than lived as a human being, not quite understanding human emotion. Your not a robot, alien, or a borg, which is technically part alien part robot, so quit acting so detached from reality.moreless
  • Quinn gets bitten by a zombie and he turns into one. However they meet someone who is immune and a docter can make an antidote from her blood.

    This is one of the worst episodes.

    When Wade starts arguing with Maggie at the beginning of this episode, the whole thing is too unreal. Too forced.

    Previously in other episodes, when there was an argument or a confrontation there was a reason and well acted.

    The story is simply a ripoff of the traditional Zombie story. But Quinn being sick,... we've already been there. In the pilot he gets sick, on a parallell world where penicillin has not been invented. So there is an explanation.

    Here supposedly people turn into zombies because they took diet pills and now it's an illness that's transmitted via bites aswell.

    I didn't enjoyed that episode as much. Also the character of Arturo is greatly missed. The group had already established itself. But now they tried to do the same as with Star Trek Voyager, adding a female character whose's figure is more important. However the character of Seven of Nine was well developped and well played.

    That's the danger with milking out a series. Better stick with the good characters and try to keep em developping.moreless

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