Season 3 Episode 19

The Breeder

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 1997 on FOX

Episode Recap

The sliders are dashing through a jungle on a world where they're being attacked by flying blobs. While Quinn, Rembrandt and Wade rip them off each other's clothes, one lands right on Maggie's face. Quinn gets it off just as the timer hits zero, and the four quickly escape to the next world. Rembrandt and Wade are fine and Quinn quickly removes that world's coordinate from the timer. Suddenly Maggie collapses and a green goop seeps from her mouth.

Paramedics arrive and spray Maggie with a substance that puts her in a cryogenic suspension. The sliders follow the medics to the hospital where they meet with Dr. Sylvius, where she tells them about an unusual phenomenon that has appeared in Maggie's stomach. As Sylvius shows them a couple of x-rays Maggie, now out of cryogenic suspension, wakes up and silently breaks out of her restraints and escapes! The sliders find her vomiting in a dumpster a short distance away. She's weak and she doesn't remember the hospital or where she is. As they're walking back to their hotel of choice, they pass by a restaurant where they see a young woman being abducted by men in a humvee who call themselves D-Squad. Quinn and Wade try to help her, but when the men notice they're just as young, they're taken as well. Back at the hotel Remmy is asking about D-Squad and Maggie has just finished a hot shower. Remmy discovers that there is a mandatory donor program on this world, and everyone between ages 18 and 25 must have their organs monitored in case they're needed for more important people. Suddenly, Maggie starts hitting on Rembrandt. When he resists, Maggie leaps at him. While Remmy dodges Maggie, she glides through the window and onto the side of the building across the street. She then leaps to the ground and runs away.

At the hospital, Quinn and Wade are given wrist implants and informed on the mandatory donor program just as Rembrandt arrives. He tells them about what happened with Maggie. They report this to Dr. Sylvius, and she tells them Maggie has somehow been infected with an egg that's multiplying at an astonishing rate. The egg has taken control of her body, like a symbiont. Sylvius is intrigued by it; if she could harness its ability to replicate DNA, it would put an end to the organ donor program on this world. She continues by saying it's in a mating pattern, explaining why Maggie came on to Remmy. Now Maggie, possessed by a symbiont, is wandering around Los Angeles looking for men. At one bar, Maggie starts hitting on random men, feeling their chests and moving on. When one guy doesn't take to the feel-and-go method, he tries to grab Maggie and she breaks his arm in half. Later, Sylvius and Wade find the bar Maggie was at, and the bartender tells them exactly what happened. Sylvius deducts the chest feeling is to check body temperature. Later, Maggie takes a dip in a hot tub and ends up killing a security guard who was trying to discourage her from skinny dipping.

Dr. Sylvius and the sliders deduce the guard was killed by Maggie. As sliders try and deduce where Maggie might go next, Wade figures it out. A gym has heat, men and privacy... everything the symbiont needs. She gets the nearest gym and they take off. Maggie finds a gym and tries to get inside, but the personal trainer won't let her by unless it's on a guided tour. When they get to the locker room, Maggie starts taking a hot shower. The trainer tries to call security, but she's grabbed from behind by a large tentacle. The sliders reach the gym and they split up. In the locker room, Wade finds the dead trainer, but no Maggie. Quinn and Rembrandt witness another abduction by D-Squad and while Rembrandt thinks its barbaric Quinn shrugs it off, causing another argument. Meanwhile, Wade finds Maggie, who pushes Wade against a wall and takes off again. Maggie finds the steam room and a male occupant. The symbiont has found a mate. Quinn finds the steam room minutes later and an unconscious man inside. When Quinn tries to help him, he is attacked by Maggie who threatens to kill him if he doesn't stay away. Back at the hospital, Dr. Sylvius tries to coax the symbiont out of the male victim by making it unbearably cold in the body. But by the time the symbiont leaves, the man is dead. Sylvius sees nothing wrong with doing the same thing for Maggie. When Wade tries to stop her, Sylvius calls up Wade's medical profile and D-Squad takes her away.

Quinn and Rembrandt stop Dr. Sylvius and for her to let Wade go but Sylvius wants to make a deal with them; Maggie for Wade. She provides them with cold trauma guns like the ones the medics use. The first place they check is the hotel room. But as soon as Quinn walks in, Maggie shuts the door on Rembrandt before he gets inside. She launches herself at Quinn and prepares to mate with him, but Remmy kicks down the door and uses the cold trauma gun on Maggie. Successful, Quinn and Rembrandt return to the hospital where they, Wade and Dr. Sylvius try and get the symbiont out of Maggie. Unfortunately, the symbiont doesn't leave even under extreme cold and a tank of hot water nearby as bait. Thinking quickly, Quinn grabs a coat and coaxes the symbiont out of Maggie by breathing on her. When the symbiont leaves Maggie, Sylvius turns on the heat and tries to grab it with tweezers, but it falls on the floor and it scurries under a table. She tries to grab the symbiont, but then it leaps up and tries to force its way into her mouth. Just then, the timer reaches zero and Wade, Rembrandt and Maggie leap inside the vortex but Quinn, momentarily torn between helping Sylvius and his friends, jumps inside as well. After the wormhole closes a male nurse enters the chamber and asks what happened and a newly possessed Dr. Sylvius seductively assures him everything is fine.