Season 3 Episode 19

The Breeder

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 1997 on FOX

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  • A Odd Tale Of Over-sex aliens & forced organ donors

    This Sliders episode is one of the weakest in the entire series. It seems to feature two seperate, unpolished, story lines that were artificially put together into one big mess.

    "Breeder" starts on some hot and humid tropical world, where Maggie gets infected by a parasite-type creature.

    The Sliders proceed to a different world, more similar to our own, where people are required by law to be registered organ donors.

    On this world, whenever somone needs an organ, the matching donor is forced to donate.

    It is a little unclear whether or not, the forced organ donation law applies, even if it would kill the donor.

    However, the donor law (and the ethical issues it raises) is more or less a minor plot element in this episode.

    The big plot point in this episode is basically: s-e-x. Not sexual stereotypes or discrimination, mind you.

    The creature inside Maggie wants sex with a suitable male host, and much of the story is just an excuse to put Maggie in some sexy clothing, and have her try to seduce men, even the shows only (vaguely) gay character.

    Eventually the Sliders get the creature out of Maggie, and into an organ donor doctor.

    A happy ending for everyone? Well, except for the people living on the planet.

    Yeah, they leave the creature alive (inside another woman) and potentially doom the entire world.

    But, this episode is much more worried about the S-E-X, to concern itself with ethical Sliding.

    The episode is basically, "high lighting" the sex appeal of Maggie, and it does so with all the maturity of middle schoolers.

    It is a pity, because a good Sliders episode could be written about forced organ donations or human sexuality.

    "Breeders" is the Sliders episode that focuses on Maggie wearing sexy clothing and being over-sexed.
  • So bad it's funny

    I wonder if writers actually expected viewers to take this episode seriously.

    It's a blatant rip-off of "Species", a parody if you will, plus it suffers from poor dialogue, acting and production, something you could say about almost every episode this season.

    Sliders jumped the shark long ago, so what more could you expect?
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