Season 3 Episode 17

The Exodus (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1997 on FOX

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  • Wow, I just love how the main characters' personalties change so frequently and dramatically.

    Wow, I just love how the main characters' personalties change so frequently and dramatically. There are too many non sequiturs throughout the show. I love Wade, just kidding, not this episode. I'm a genius, just kidding, over 3 years I can't perfect the timer. I can think quickly, just not when even thinking slowly would be quick enough. I just love the slow motion bullet though. Also, I agree with the previous comment about their reaction to the professors death, their worst acting + very cheesy..
    Mostly, I just wish Quin and Wade's relationship was more prominent.
    Oh, and what's with the whole, "The entire world was just destroyed, but hey we made it, so forget about that."

    Despite the premisses unreality, this show could have been something, and for the first season or so, was at least something, but in the end it has turned into a ridiculously superficial show. The professor was probably the best character too, not to mention the best actor.
  • The worst episode of Sliders (tm)

    Why does this episode have such a high rating??!! Were fans even watching this travesty of justice??

    This is a painful episode to watch, not because the Professor dies, but because you'll wonder how such a pile of turd was ever concieved in the first place.

    I mean, it's not just a bad episode, it's a *really* bad episode, so bad that you may think how such an episode even got past the conceptual stage, let alone get produced on as large a network as Fox.

    It suffers from poor acting, poor special effects, poor dialogue, poor editing, poor... you get the idea. We have plot inconsistancies, massive logic holes, and an absolutely blatant lack of care for the show.

    There isn't one single commendable quality to this episode, and that's putting it lightly.

    The final nail in the coffin is the death of Professor Arturo, perhaps the best character in the series. He gets a rather insulting send-off. He gets brain sucked, shot and left on a planet that blows up. Gee, what respect!

    To add insult to injury, we are now expected to embrace new character Maggie Beckett as a regular cast member, and the beginning of the worst story arc ever (tm), that being the Rickman revenge arc.

    Suffice to say, the season doesn't recover, although the fourth season is slightly better in quality, but not on the same level as seasons one and two, not by far.
  • Goodbye, Professor Arturo.

    For me, this is really the end of "Sliders." I just couldn't stand Kari Wuhrer's character (especially as a replacement for John Rhys-Davies, whose bombastic and brilliant Arturo was always the best part of this show) and the slow slide (no pun intended) into rip-offs of other movies and TV shows. With Sabrina Lloyd soon to exit, "Sliders" just wasn't the same anymore after this show. It's a shame, because this show had such great potential and (with the original four cast members) one of the best ensembles of a sci-fi show ever, in my opinion.
  • My finale for the show!

    Even if I cannot disagree with the reviews stating the lack of quality of this episode, I must say that it had a great impact on me.

    Whatfor? Well, one can say that the death of a main character is always painful for those who loved him, and God only knows if all SLIDERS' fans loved their dear "Professor".

    With the death of "Professor" Maximillian Arturo the show reached a climax that won't be attained ever again. The relative lack of quality is in my opinion due to the overwhelming presence of actions scenes since producer D.PECKIMPAH is active. Therefore, my awesome experience of SLIDERS comes to an end with this very episode. I will definitely miss the brilliant acting of John Rhys-Davies.

    I think I've been a bit unfair to D.PECKIMPAH's work on season 3, I must admit that since season 3 the show had some dramatic improvements concerning directing and filming. To sum up, it is a poor episode that brought a tragic but very intense ending to a very good show.
    Next would be what I call "Bonus" on DVDs.
  • The following episode really fell short in two different ways. First off, the very concept was ill conceived

    The following episode really fell short in two different ways. First off, the very concept was ill conceived. Pulsars are hurtling towards earth? I mean, maybe they were afraid to use asteroids because people were already saying they were ripping stuff off, but come one. A collapsed star still has the same mass (thus gravity). If it hurtled through our solar system everything would be destroyed in seconds, forgetting radiation. Plus, the radiation would destroy the planet light years away. Instead the have a clustar of them from a blown up galaxy? The concept is really just too ridiculous to stomach, and usually I am not picky and willing to have an open mind when it comes to jumps in logic in sci fi, but this one seemed to bug me the most. Second, the death of Arturo, They tried to make his death heroic, but it seemed to lack some umpf. The characters on his team seemed to lack emotion for his loss, and were not convincing. Maggie literally shows up at the end of the show and says, I'm your forth now. Personally, i think the show would have done better with the Arturo Maggie switch, had they ended it with arturo's death, and started the next week with maggie asking to join, given the audience a little more time to swallow it (since it could be pretty much assumed she would join them). It also would have been improved had there been a third in command, or a friend of maggie on her own world. She was second in command, with the head guy bolting, doesn't she have to take command of her people. They just forget that part, your civilization died, now abandon your people leader in their greatest hour of need on a vendetta. She should have at least had someone to pass the ball onto, it would have made it feel more fluid. Oh well, besides those two things, the show wasn't horrible. It is nice for the show to have an actual story arc, which hasn't existed until now, and a better goal than random sliding hoping to get home. Most disagree from what I have read, but the show in the first 2 seasons was really missing a goal, something to push the sliders forward. Besides random hopeful chance.