Season 1 Episode 9

The King Is Back

Aired Unknown May 10, 1995 on FOX

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  • The Sliders land on a world where Rembrandt's double has achieved fame paroding that of Elvis. Remmy's double is apparently dead so Remmy considers taking his double's place, but the real Rembrandt shows up and takes back his spotlight.

    This has got to be one of the best episodes of season One. For starters, its nice to give Rembrandt something to do other than whine about the mess that Quinn has gotten him into. Its a well constructed idea, simplistic in its Elvis-emulating paradigm. The budget constrictions of the show were also for once not obvious around every corner. The exception being that for a comeback concert one would expect a much larger venue. Its also one of the best executions of a character meeting their double. This is of course aided by the fact that Rembrandt isn't doubled by using cheap editing techniques but rather by using the actor's ACTUAL twin brother. Other examples of character's meeting themselves are never as dynamic due to the limitations of what shots they could achieve realistically.

    The strong points of this story are plentiful. It is a suspenseful, engaging story where the main opposition isn't some gigantic social wrong or life threatening event, which is a welcome change. The characters are able to relax a bit and develop on their own. This gives the characters a chance to be entertaining and funny without attacking the actions or values of each other. Something that can get annoying after seven straight episodes. One of my favorite scenes is where Arturo goes to save Remmy from the crowd of fans, only to be drawn into it himself. He is stripped and passed over the crowd like a teenager. He then proceeds to berate Captain Jack for mistaking him for Pavarotti. "I am not Mister Pavarotti. Mister Pavarotti is an Italian. He speaka lika diss. Do I speaka lika this? No. Why? Because I am an Englishman, you blistering idiot!

    Overall, this is a nice breather episode which develops the characters and keeps us constantly entertained while still managing to present an interesting story.
  • The sliders land on a world where Rembrant is as famous as Elvis and has now returned from the dead.

    The sliders leave their latest world in a hurry when they break Quinn out of a court house where he has just been sentenced to death for spray-painting. They arrive in paradise...or at least in Rembrant's idea of paradise.

    For the sliders have arrived on a world where Rembrant "Crying Man" Brown had hit the height of fame before disappearing, presumed dead. Many fans had not believed the news about his death and in the same way that our world has those who believe Elvis will return, in this world there are fans who believe Rembrant will come back. And now he has.

    Spotted immediately Rembrant and the other sliders take cover in the Motel 12 whilst the fans and media go crazy over the Crying Man's return from the dead.

    Deciding to take on his double's identity Rembrant has the chance to experience the fame he had never achieved on his home world.

    But not everyone is pleased to see him return. Maurice Fish, a disgruntled Spinning Top kidnaps Rembrant in order to get him to sign a confession that he had stolen his songs from himself.

    The sliders track down their friend with the help of vanity plates and the Crying Man who really had faked his own death in order to leave the world of fame behind and lead a normal life.

    With a comeback concert on the night of their slide Rembrant must make the choice about whether to stay on this world and live his dream, or whether to continue the search for their home world.

    An excellent episode and my personal favourite "Rembrant" episode.

    It is my favourite of the first series and a true least in my opinion.