Season 1 Episode 5

The Prince Of Wails

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 1995 on FOX

Episode Recap

After sliding off a world where the polar ice caps melted and caused major flooding (the world from the end of "Summer of Love"), the Sliders land in a fountain. As they look around, everything looks good, but Wade is nearly run over. The driver gets out and starts yelling at her, but he stops when he sees Arturo. He quickly apologizes and offers them a royal suite at his hotel. At the hotel, Arturo reads the newspaper and discovers that San Francisco is part of the British States of America. The Americans lost the Revolutionary War and are still governed by a monarchy. He then reads that King Thomas has gone missing and the sheriff of San Francisco has been named "Acting Regent of the Western Americas" until Prince Harold can be crowned the next week. They then turn on the television and discover that Arturo's double is the sheriff of San Francisco! Worried that they'll be caught, the Arturo gets a car, as well as food, money, and periodicals, and they leave.

However, the car soon breaks down, and the army finds them. Arturo uses his double's authority and gets them out of trouble. In the woods, a hunter fires his gun and then sees the army. The Sliders save him in time and realize that he's Prince Harold!

That night after leaving the woods, they find that their car has been stripped down. The "Oakland Raiders" then surround them. Quinn says that they came into raider territory to join them and then offers them the prince and Arturo. They are then taken to an underground bunker, and Arturo and the prince are put into a jail cell.

The next day, Arturo's double receives a ransom note. After talking to Hurley, who on this world is the army officer that talked with the real Arturo in the woods, he is told that Prince Harold is still alive. He then orders that the woods be searched and Harold be killed. Meanwhile, Wade helps Harold realize that Arturo's double was setting him up. If Harold dies, then the sheriff becomes king!

After all of the raiders' ransom notes are rejected, they prepare to execute Arturo and film it. Luckily, Arturo's double is on live television, helping Quinn convince them that the Arturo they have is the wrong one. Quinn then uses various quotes from history that never existed on this world and convinces them to rob from the rich and give to the poor.

Sometime later, the prince manages to escape because Wade untied him in his cell. Quinn gives Wade the timer and then goes looking for Harold. Meanwhile, Harold finds a group of homeless people and then watches as Quinn is arrested. When the raiders see Arturo's double during a press conference saying that Quinn will be executed, their leader suggests doing random bombings. However, the prince disagrees as he arrives and tells them that being on the streets has made him a changed man. Arturo then comes up with a plan.

The Oakland Raiders break into the TV studio and hijack the sheriff's show. Prince Harold then dismisses Arturo's double from office, pardons Quinn, and reveals the Bill of Rights. As Arturo's double is arrested and brought to the prison, Quinn is released and makes it to the slide just in time.
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