Season 1 Episode 5

The Prince Of Wails

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 1995 on FOX

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  • Another downer of an episode that was clearly aired out of order. Especially since it begins with a scene that clearly dovetails with the end of the episode Fox chose to air after this one.


    Jonathon Rhys-Davies chews up the scenery here in a dual role playing this sliding self and the Sheriff of San Francisco in the British States of America world. The episode begins humorously enough (after the flooded San Francisco teaser) with the overtly stereotyped brits deferring all common sense to the man they believe is the Emperor equivalent of their city. (Just why Rhys-Davies makes me think of an emperor... well maybe it's his bulk.)

    Anyhow, a fairly standard episode that seems to be lacking in originality. After all, only recently we slid to Soviet San Fran, and now we get British San Fran. Surely German San Fran can't be far behind.

    On the upside, the cast has gelled nicely by this point. It's a shame the ratings weren't doing the same. I can't remember what the competition on the big three was on Wednesday nights - but I strongly recall I preferred this show - and I was barely in Fox's desired demographic.