Season 5 Episode 18

The Seer

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

The sliders are having what they think will be their last unusual sliding experience; giraffe burgers and pork soda. Now that they have the coordinates to Earth Prime from the late Dr. Geiger, they're convinced they're going home to fight the Kromaggs. But they slide right into a cheering crowd waving signs like "Welcome sliders," "Mallory, You're the Best!" and "Maggie, Marry Me."

Two people step forward; an elderly man named Marc LeBeau, aka The Seer, and his daughter Claire. He leads the stunned sliders to a more quiet location. The Seer tells the sliders that five years ago he suffered a heart attack. Since then, he's had visions of the sliders and their adventures. His visions have triggered a religion called Slidology, a vastly popular religion indeed. His visions provided inspiration when the Kromaggs attacked their world. They developed a virus to combat the Kromaggs, and have since repelled the invasion. The Seer tells them they are now celebrities, and he hopes they stay. Rembrandt says that's all good and well, but they're due to slide in six hours and they could use that virus when they face the Kromaggs. The Seer adds that he's sometimes seen into their future and says when they slide again, they will all die instantly.

Later, the sliders are contemplating their options while watching a TV show called "The sliders." They decide to play along with their celebrity and learn what they can and how to get the anti-Kromagg virus.

Later, Maggie and Remmy meet their duplicates at a luncheon and Mallory meets his adopted mother. When the Kromaggs invaded, Mrs. Mallory was deposited at a work camp on this world, and was subsequently rescued by its residents. But Mallory denies even knowing her. When Remmy asks Claire about the anti-Kromagg virus, Claire says it has a short shelf life and has to be synthesised when it's needed. It takes two days to make, but the sliders are due to leave in two hours. They have to try slipping by the LeBeaus, and the horde of fans as well. They do so and activate the portal, but when they run at it, a forcefield blocks their way. The portal closes before anyone can get inside. Luckily, the timer is counting down again from three days, so they won't have to wait 29 years.

A furious Rembrandt confronts the Seer, saying he kept them there somehow so he can continue to benefit from Slidology. The Seer simply says that he's dying, and already has made enough money off of them to set his affairs in order. He also said that he knows nothing of any forcefield, and that Claire told him they were going to stay. That gets up Rembrandt's suspicions. Diana and Mallory go to confront Claire, while Remmy and Maggie go to El Segundo University to recruit a couple of obsessed students to help them get hold of the anti-Kromagg virus. One student extracts some of his blood and tells them that everyone carries the virus, which is harmless to humans. They plan to synthesise the virus from his blood. Meanwhile, Diana and Mallory are jumped by two thugs, using Mrs. Mallory as a hostage. One of them grabs a lamp and smashes their timer. There's virtually nothing left of it.

Rembrandt and Maggie return and get the bad news. As they quickly find out Claire is behind everything, Mrs. Mallory reveals that there is some old Kromagg technology left over from the occupation at a laboratory. As she agrees to lead them to it, Mallory admits he does feel a connection to her and that there is still part of her Quinn inside him. But when the sliders and Mrs. Mallory break into the lab, Claire and her thugs are waiting. As the sliders call her out on exploiting them, the Seer arrives. His appearance distracts Claire and her thugs enough for the sliders to overpower them. Maggie and Mallory escort them to a holding cell as Diana tries to get the Kromagg sliding device, already damaged, up and running. Suddenly, the Seer starts having another heart attack. Remmy finds aspirin and gives it to Mrs. Mallory to give to the Seer. He also finds, and hides up his sleeve, a syringe. Diana activates the Kromagg sliding device, but a small, sickly portal appears. There's only enough power for one person. Rembrandt injects himself with the blood from the university student, containing the anti-Kromagg virus, bids everyone goodbye, and leaps into the vortex. Maggie desperately asks the Seer if Remmy survived, but the Seer is dead.

They look at one another and wonder what will they do now?