Season 5 Episode 18

The Seer

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 2000 on FOX

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  • What sort of ridiculous finish is this?

    OK , we have just invested many hours and years following his show. We have put up will some silly plots in the first three seasons but overall the true spirit of the show was maintained. Then we started losing the characters we loved. First the Professor. He made the show interesting, kept the science and skeptic in balance. Diana was not even close. The writers became too technical and you can tell she had no idea what she was talking about. They tried to make the show scientific only to make it sound ridiculous.

    Then we lost Wade. Well in my opinion she was wrongly casted to start with. No personality at all and we never felt close to the character. Replaced with Maggie who brought the spark back into the show. Although initially I didn't like the Rambo style character who always wore short skirts. It was obvious the studios wanted more Zing. They over compensated in the first few episodes only to tone it down later. Still her acting fell short and we as an audience never truly connected with her.

    Colin was well.... a mistake. Goes to show talent is not always hereditary. Too much of the stupid look all the time.

    What held the show together was Quinn. Why in the world lose him. Whatever the reason , it heralded the end of the show. Everything after that was a joke, the scripts got worse as can be seen from the rating on this website of each episode and basically everyone lost the plot. I guess you know what I am saying if you are fan. The show became a cops and robbers thing and lost its true identity of science fiction.
    The "new" Mallory ....well a joke... overacting, too smart arse too fake with that walk and look... not worth my time typing about.. big mistake...bad casting... did he know one of the produces? how else could he have been cast into the show... and well where is he now? nowhere to be seen on TV or movie...

    In the end what can I say. Too many loose ends left untied, very disappointing for all fans. We all felt in the end.... please get the gun out and put everyone out of their misery.
    Interesting the only one I know of the main actors still doing big movies is Quinn. Surprise surprise.

    Well in summary what can I say... words are not enough... please someone tell me that I am not alone feeling this way...
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