Season 5 Episode 18

The Seer

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 2000 on FOX

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  • The final episode of Sliders with a obvious plea for a fan-backed revival. Fans of the series will probably enjoy it more, with some tears, then some people.

    Sliders was a cool science fiction television series that was able to combine an ensamble cast, cool specical effects, action and very good story writing -- that creativily dealt with social commentary and issues.

    The first nail in the Slider's coffin was the drastic Season 3 change in cast members. The Professor was fired or quit -- depending on which version of the office politics one choses to believe -- and the tone of the series shifted away from social commentary and exploration of alternative realities.

    Fans hopes that the Professor would be brought back were never realized. Then Wade was removed, again for reasons that are in some dispute, and then Quinn and his twin brother left. By the final season only one original cast member was still around. But the show could have kept going for a few more seasons. Fans still watched, and the writing had signifantly improved. Yet, the Sci-Fi chanel did not believe in the show and thus it died.