Season 5 Episode 1

The Unstuck Man

Aired Unknown Jun 11, 1999 on FOX

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  • Quinn gets axed in a clumsy, pitiful plot device. He's replaced with a studly meathead. Rembrandt is the last of the original cast. Not worth the hour.

    This episode marks the death of the series for all loyal viewers that have been on board since season 1. The ecclectic, underwhelming backgroud of the original characters (Rembrandt, Wade, Quinn, and Prof. Arturo) is what gave Sliders its charm and high level of tension; these guys weren't soldiers, buff superhero cutouts or hardened badasses. Just a group of likable adventurers thrown into a fantastic situation that's above their heads. That's the original appeal of Sliders in a nutshell. With the beginning of season 5, three of the original characters have now been axed; and to add insult to injury, they were swept away with very little care and none were given the robust swan song that they deserved. Moreover they are replaced by super-sexy soldier types with absolutely no depth. The opening scenes of this episode says it all. After four seasons with Quinn Mallery as the heart of the series and his plotline developed into a mission to rid the galaxy of the Kromags, he and his brother are swept away without so much as a closing. The sad excuse for body doubles backing towards the camera is what they serve their loyal fanbase as Quinn's exit. It's absolutely nauseating.

    It's not even worth talking about the convuluted storyline for this episode. Do yourself a favor: Consider this a three season show and disavow the last 35 or so episodes.