Season 1 Episode 8

The Weaker Sex

Aired Unknown May 03, 1995 on FOX
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When the sliders arrive on a world where women are the dominating class, Arturo becomes a mayoral candidate in San Francisco in order to initiate a "men's rights" movement.

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  • The writers have found a groove.

    The reversal of sex roles have been explored in movies and television throughout the ages, but rarely to the extreme the plays out in this episode. And to be writing this review in 2006 when the 1995 episode opens with President Hillary Clinton on TV. Who knows - maybe we'll all be sliding to this world in 2008.

    Anyhow, the puns come fast and lose in the opening scene: Jane Pauley as the Pope. The Sports Illustrated clone (Sports Monthly) has men in speedos on the cover. Faced with a month and a half long stay and no money, the cast has to settle into this world and get jobs.

    Being the only woman - Wade fits right in and lands a good job. The men, however, don't far so well. Quinn is hired for his looks as a reception (heck I'd hire him...), Rembrandt ends up becoming a kept man, and the Professor... well he basically freaks out. While no doubt a supporter of equal rights back on our earth, being cast in the female role does not suit him well, and he becomes something of a reverse sexist. (Which in an already reversed world, makes him act like a male chauvinist pig - played for comic relief while making a valid point.) He ends up running for mayor which does not set well in this female-centric world. There are scenes that echo famous political moments including the attempted assignation of President Reagan and an incident from the first Nixon campaign involving a window broken by a brick followed by a bomb threat.

    In the end, though, the men find that being the women is not something they want (or can) do daily - although Wade has to think twice before leaving this place. The episode ends which a funny scene on their next world (an apparent island paradise) where Arturo must fulfill a bet to Wade by waiting on her hand and foot.moreless
  • The sliders arrive on a world where the male/female roles are reversed.

    With no money and over a month on their latest world the sliders are forced to find jobs in a world where roles have been reversed and the women are the ones in power and the men are second class citizens.

    Wade quickly finds a job helping with the re-election campaign for the local mayor, Anita Ross. She revels in the opportunity to live in a world where women are valued and given the opportunities often denied to them.

    The others are not so lucky in their fortunes with genius Quinn forced to work as a receptionist and teaboy and Rembrant reduced to literally singing for his supper on the street.

    Arturo however is soon spotted as a man with an opinion that differs from the norm, and when he comes to the attention of a male journalist he finds himself given the opportunity to run for mayor himself.

    The campaign is first treated as a joke but steadily gains momentum and Arturo must make the decision as to whether he stays or leaves if he should actually win the post.

    Rembrant meanwhile is picked up by a record promotor who is clearly playing with the feelings of vulnerable young men in the role reversal storyline.

    For the most part this episode was well handled and enjoyable. The only slightly irritating point is the way Rembrant reacts in this episode. I felt that his character settled into the role of househusband very quickly and it seemed rather out of character for him to immediately comply with being bossed about and treated like the men of the world they are on. It would have been far more interesting in my opinion to see the woman's reaction to having a man who is not so easily pushed around in her life. But this is only a small part of the episode and a minor point in what is, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of the first series.moreless
Cleavant Derricks

Cleavant Derricks

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Quinn Mallory

Sabrina Lloyd

Sabrina Lloyd

Wade Wells

John Rhys-Davies

John Rhys-Davies

Professor Maximillian P. Arturo

Teresa Barnwell

Teresa Barnwell

President Hillary Clinton

Guest Star

Sara Botsford

Sara Botsford

Mayor Anita Ross

Guest Star

Peg Christopherson

Peg Christopherson

Female Shopper

Guest Star

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Serena: And when I get home tonight we'll just put this whole unpleasant conversation behind us.
      Rembrandt: Wait a minute, where are you going?
      Serena: I told you I have a business dinner.
      Rembrandt: I made beef stroganoff! I slaved for hours!

    • Rembrandt: So, are you going to be looking at that sports page?
      Arturo: And read about women basketball players? I'd sooner watch paint dry.

    • Arturo: That is not cheese. Brie is cheese. Camembert is cheese ... this is yellow plastic!

    • Arturo: I have decided to pull a Muskie.
      Rembrandt: You're going fishing?

    • Arturo: That moment when I changed that disgusting little brat's diaper... classic.

    • Arturo: (to Rembrandt) Well, I guess I learned to cry over nothing just by watching you.

    • Rembrandt: I'm getting awfully tired of landing on my butt. Can't you do something about that?
      Quinn: You know I can't. I think you ask just to annoy me a little.
      Rembrandt: Actually, I ask to annoy you a lot. Little by little, I'm getting even with you, Q-Ball.

    • Rembrandt: Tell me the truth. Did you vote for him? (Quinn shakes head) Me either. (Wade, Quinn, and Rembrandt laugh)

    • Rembrandt: Look, I'm a musician, she's a record promoter, okay? It's not like we're getting engaged or anything.
      Ed: Oh, now she's a record promoter.
      Rembrandt: She's not a record promoter?
      (Ed sadly sits on couch)
      Rembrandt: Are you all right?
      Ed: (sobs) I'm sorry. My therapist says I'm still working through my relationship with Mom. I'm trying to recreate my sense of isolation as a child, so I get myself addicted to these abusive ... degrading ... relationships. Look, I don't mean to dump all this on you.
      Rembrandt: Hey, it's okay.
      Ed: (hugs Rembrandt) Don't you let her break your heart, "boyfriend", 'cause she'll steal your soul and never give it back.

    • Arturo: Allow me, madam. It would be my pleasure to press your button.
      Anita Ross: Five.
      Arturo: Oh, you're going to the fifth floor, too. (presses elevator button) There you are. Chivalry is not dead.
      Anita Ross: How lucky for us.
      Arturo: Oh, a woman with a dry sense of humor, how delightful.
      Anita Ross: A man who presses buttons, how interesting.
      Arturo: Well, there's far more to me than a sense of gallantry, madam, as you yourself could find out over a fine, candlelit dinner.
      Anita Ross: Now, that's very tempting, but you know, I don't like large men, or men with beards, or phony English accents. Other than that, you might have had a chance. (steps out of elevator)
      Woman: Good morning, Ms. Ross.
      Anita Ross: Good morning.
      Quinn: (sees campaign ad for Anita Ross) Congratulations, Professor, you just hit on the mayor.
      Arturo: Ouch.

    • Rembrandt: I got 31 cents.
      Wade: I've got a $5 bill, but I am not wasting it on a lousy pretzel.
      Arturo: What do you mean, "wasting it"? I haven't eaten since yesterday.
      Rembrandt: Well, none of us have. And why should you get to have a pretzel? I'd like a pretzel just as much as you.
      Arturo: Oh, this is ridiculous. We'll divide it two ways.
      Quinn: Three ways.
      Wade: Four ways.

    • Quinn: Sure, I understand. Thanks anyway (hangs up phone).
      Arturo: Any luck?
      Quinn: No dice. The only jobs I'm qualified for are a nanny situation out in Napa and a nude photographer's model.

    • Vendor: Would you folks mind holding it down? You know the President's about to speak?
      Wade: You mean, President Clinton?
      Vendor: Of course I mean Clinton. Who else?
      Rembrandt: That clinches it, we're home.
      Vendor: You know, I feel sorry for the Prez, being married to that loudmouth. It's no wonder the Republicans are taking control.
      TV: Ladies and gentleman, the President of the United States.
      President Hillary Clinton: My fellow Americans, I speak to you tonight from the White House.

    • Arturo: (after seeing a television report on himself) They laughed at Ross Perot.
      Wade: They still do.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Rembrandt: (singing) Tears on my pillow, pain in my heart...

      "Tears On My Pillow" (1958) was a hit for Little Anthony and the Imperials.

    • Rembrandt: (singing) When your heart's on fire, you must realize smoke gets in your eyes...

      "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (1958) was a #1 hit for The Platters.