Season 3 Episode 25

This Slide of Paradise

Aired Unknown May 16, 1997 on FOX
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The sliders track Rickman to a world where a mad scientist has been experimenting with genetic testing and has created a race of human hybrids.

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  • Did i say <Conclusion>"? Cause what i ment was <relief>. Below are some assorted thoughts on the innovations and reoldations {word makes more sence than most of the season} introduced by this long overdue ending for a rapidly-degeneratingmoreless

    Well, Quinn has always been a unexplinably irresistable to all ladies in the show, but season 3 has been gradually turning him into a complete manwhore. He lets anything female kiss him, often right infront of Wade. The kiss with Maggie was a final rock buttom. {or a final silicone top?} When he made an attempt to kiss her back in \\\"the Exodus\\\", while watching live-action softcore, i rolled my eyes, but she stopped him. In this episode, i was hoping untill the last second that they wouldn\\\'t kiss. The way everyone are liking her all of a sudden in unrealistic, and can only be explained by long bonding during the worlds between the episodes, which we do not see. So to me it kinda looked as if he pretends to like her, just to add a kiss to his collection.

    Speaking of kisses: is that just me, or was Remi\\\'s kiss with Alessandra in this episode the first time anyone kissed outside his color in this show? Up until this time, all of Quinn\\\'s women are white, and all of Remi\\\'s are black or mulatic. Quinn and the professor had even less each than Remi, bu these conform to the rule as well. Well, way to go Remi! It took three seasons, but he broke not only the color barrier, but also the species barrier. Next goal: maggie kisses an asiean kromagg. {Kromaggs having the same races as humans would make as much sence as anything in this season.}

    A very spectacular fall into the sea; i loved it. But then they step out. Maggie's shirt was thin and white, so it's all wet and transparrent {ewww, what for?}, whereas wade's is colorful and thicker, so eing wet has zero effect on it. What a waste! Wade is yummy, and Quinn has been a dummy for three seasons, for not realizing what he's missing.

    Yeah, Rikkman, the tactical genious, who knows as well a anyone how inhumanly respurceful and slippery Quinn {and the sliders in general} is, would totally leave both timers right infront of their weak-looking cages. If it weren't for the offchance that he might be mentally degrading because of conflicting DNA in his brain tissue, i'd put this in the sme category as the exploding planet in <Exodus> {when it was said life will be snuffed out by the radiation, but all structures will remain} and the bandana being inclueded in his morph in Dinoslide.

    For dissert, i'll leave you all to ponder this question: What would be the result, if the Doctor had his chance to cross Rami with this cute ball of snowhite fluffyness? I'm sure it'd make a better companion than Maggie, but how would it look, act, be named? Would it be male or female? Would it rde one of the carnivorous, giant bunnies from <Exodus>?

    {written after a sleepless night, with too much blood in my caffein system}moreless
  • I'm hoping this was a dream sequence, because I can't believe how crap Sliders has become over a single season.

    Absolutely shocking. I can't think of enough strong words to express how *bad* Sliders has become in the third season.

    The mind boggles as to how anybody involved in making this episode and the last dozen or so can justify what they've done.

    Just think, this time last year, we were getting quality episodes from season two like "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" and "As Time Goes By", and even earlier in this season, we had gems like "Double Cross" and "The Guardian".

    So what went wrong? The new executive producer is what went wrong. David E. Peckinpah is his name, and destroying great sci-fi series is his game.

    Why have you voters given this such a good rating?? If negative scores were available, then this episode deserves them in bucket loads.

    If anybody found this entertaining, then I pity you, I really do.moreless

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