Season 2 Episode 6

Time Again And World

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 1996 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Wade becomes an eyewitness to a murder just before the group slides. The next world they arrive on is surprisingly similar to the one they just left, and when Wade tries to stop the murder from taking place again, the sliders wind up entangled with government officials in a United States that is under martial law.moreless

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  • Protecting the . Constitution From Tyrannical Transvestites

    Wade witnesses a murder in two very similar, parallel earth. On the second earth, Wade wants to figure out why the murder took place, which ends up putting her in the midst of a campaign to publicize the Constitutional rights guaranteed to all citizens.

    In case you don't know, the . Constitution (especially the Bill of Rights) guarantees all citizens certain legal or civil rights. . equal protection, procedural and substantive rights) . In this parallel world, it became illegal to own or distribute a copy of the Constitution, and over time) the Constitution became something of a fabled myth.

    Naturally, the Sliders help get the Constitution distributed over the Internet (a high tech plot device in its day), bringing an end to the martial law.

    Overall, this is a fun, early Sliders episode. I do think that a few aspects of this episode are a bit strange.

    On the first parallel earth in this episode, the women have facial hair (beards and mustaches) and it's some sort of unusual fashion trend. They never try to explain it, and it may have been just a sight gag. Ah, early 1990s attempts at humor.

    On the second parallel earth, the male police officers wear dresses. Yeah, this is an earth where tyrannical transvestites seek to hide the . Constitution. Apparently, the dress code grew out of the fact that J. Edgar Hoover was a cross dresser.

    Now, I suspect that they writer of this episode didn't mean to suggest that the tyrannical police were all transgender. I suspect it was just a dress code - no matter the cops own gender identity or expression.

    However, the fact that none of the pro-Constitutional rebels are transgender, don't help the episode defend itself from transphobia.

  • The sliders get involved in a murder on two worlds but don't know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.

    The sliders are about to leave a world where the women have beards. I never did manage to figure out why but do wonder if it might have had something to do with 17th century England having spotted a picture of King Charles I and a King Charles Spaniel being walked. But there was no explanation and the sliders were about to leave anyway. Unfortunately just before the window arrived Wade witnesses a car accident and a murder.

    Running to help the dying man he speaks to giving her a cryptic clue and some form of disc.

    She has no time to figure anything out though before they are off to the next world.

    They arrive to see that everything is pretty much the same as the last world. The only real difference they can see is that the women are clean shaven in this world. But everything else is the same, from the people and places to the car accident Wade witnessed just a short while ago.

    This time however Wade is pre-warned of what is about to happen and calls out a warning to the murder victim of the last world. He in turn shoots the other man dead and escapes. Leaving Wade with the dead body of an police officer. This is when they notice the next difference in this world, that the police wear kilts/skirts - even the men.

    Mixed up in the murder Wade and the others are questioned by the police but are none the wiser as to what was happening.

    They have hardly had time to book into the hotel when their room is raided by a man and a woman who demand they forget what they saw.

    Wade is not prepared to do that however and they return to the police. Matters become even more complicated when the couple who forced their way into their room turn out to be officers themselves.

    Slowly they begin to figure out what is happening.

    The man who was murdered on the last world, and killed the police officer on this world, is a former Judge who is one of the last people trying to help the country break out from the martial law that it is living under.

    A look at the disc reveals what it is that he is fighting for...the unabridged copy of the United States Constitution, and the only one (or two since Wade has brought this from the last world) in existence.

    Joining forces with the Judge's daughter they hope to broadcast it over pirate radio but a raid prevents them from doing this and the Judge is captured.

    With the disc their only bargaining chip they offer a trade. The disc for the life of the Judge.

    The trade made the sliders move on to their next world. It is only after they are gone that the unabridged version is found on the computer in the store where Wade, Quinn and Rembrant checked the disc. They never say whether she left a copy there on purpose or by mistake...but whichever the case the news travels across the computer network at record speed and the sliders have helped to bring about the dawn of a new age on the world.

    A good episode, even if a lot of the implications of the Constitution being abridged are lost in translation to the viewers outside of the US.moreless
Cleavant Derricks

Cleavant Derricks

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Quinn Mallory

Sabrina Lloyd

Sabrina Lloyd

Wade Wells

John Rhys-Davies

John Rhys-Davies

Professor Maximillian P. Arturo

Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart

Natalie Nassau

Guest Star

Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Lt. Graves

Guest Star

Garvin Cross

Garvin Cross


Guest Star

Will Sasso

Will Sasso

Gomez Calhoun

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When the sliders enter the bar to avoid the police, you can hear sounds from the Classic Pac-Man in the room. However, the only video game being played is a type of card game.

    • Trivia: The footage of the car pulling up at the computer store is reused from the pilot episode.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Rembrandt: No bearded women. That's a step in the right direction!
      Arturo: Maybe they just have better razors.

    • Arturo: My friends, we must not mourn this event.
      Wade: That's right; because we're gonna change it.

    • Quinn: Still can't figure this kilt thing out.
      Arturo: You know, the inebriate at the bar said that J. Edgar Hoover - who was the ex head of the FBI on our world - was President on this world for 22 years, up until the time he died.
      Quinn: So?
      Arturo: Well, maybe they're not kilts; maybe they're skirts. (weirded-out pause)
      Arturo: I read a book once - it seemed quite scurrilous at the time - which suggests that J. Edgar Hoover and his roommate, Clyde Tolson, were crossdressers.
      Rembrandt: What?
      Arturo: Well, maybe on this world, President Hoover was. And maybe it was he, who instituted this rather bizarre dress code.

    • Arturo: The Scots are a notoriously dour and repressive people. But they did invent scotch whiskey, which is a definite plus.

    • Rembrandt: Listen, professor - it's God's will we got stuck in this mess, it's his will that'll get us out of here. We'll get home, you can count on that.
      Wade: (Wade enter unexpectedly) Guys, what are you doing in here?
      Arturo: God works in some very peculiar ways.

    • Quinn: Where there's mystery, there's hope.

    • Arturo: It is an unenviable choice. One man's life in exchange for a social contract that could revitalize a democracy.
      Quinn: Ideas are great, Professor, but they're nothing without good people around to fight for them.
      Arturo: Mr. Mallory, the idea of freedom is reborn with every generation. Only one generation ever created the U.S. Constitution.

    • Rembrandt: Damn, this reminds me of a solo gig I did in Florida, once. The average age was "deceased."

    • Arturo: Mr. Brown, I swear you aim at me deliberately. And you manage to target my backside with the regularity of an atomic clock!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Quinn: Keep hope alive.

      The words spoken by Quinn before they slide is an allusion to Jesse Jackson's address at the1988 Democratic National Convention.

      The full quote is:
      "Keep hope alive. Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive! On tomorrow night and beyond, keep hope alive!I love you very much. I love you very much."