Season 5 Episode 15

To Catch a Slider

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 2000 on FOX

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  • I Kissed A Boy, and I Liked It

    The Sliders timer is broken, and needs a special kind of diamond to fix it. Time for a heist! Diana falls for a diamond salesman (who is really an insurance claims investigator). Mallory falls for an actress attending a film festival (who is a successful female impersonator) .

    The budget cuts can certainly be felt on this final season. The bulk of the episode takes place at the Chandler Hotel and few (if any) differences set this parallel earth apart from our own. The episode is basically a heist episode, with "mistaken identity" humor.

    Mallory accidentally falls for another guy! The beautiful, sexy film actress that Mallory falls turns out to be (drum roll) a famous transgender actresses. Cue the Cobra Starship song; I Kissed a Boy, and I Liked It.

    Apparently, everyone on this earth knew about her gender identity (which, I suppose explains why it's only mentioned by the insurance claims investigator at the end of the episode).

    It is nice that the Sliders series FINALLY had a LGBT character (in a series that started out in San Francisco)

    Although the character does turn out to be the diamond thief, and it's never really explained "how far" (sexual speaking) Mallory went with this actress, before finding out her gender identity.

    Mallory insists that he and the actress only talked about movies when they spent the night together, but it's possible that Mallory was trying to "defend" his masculinity.

    In the past, Sliders occasionally had a male cross-dresser appear (one was briefly seen as a guest on Lipschitz Live) Rembrandt even dressed up as a woman to sneak into an embassy, and one episode had the police wearing skirts. M

    At one point the Sliders are explaining to Colin why some men dress up as women. They are clearly talking about some sort of gay bar that they just saw, but it is never seen. It's probably one of the oddest scenes I have seen on television.

    I suspect that at some point the script probably had them visiting a gay bar, but it got cut out for some reason or another.

    Compared to these previous examples, "To Catch A Slider" transgender character is certainly an improvement.

    Overall, "To Catch A Slider" is an average episode in the final season of Sliders. It doesn't really deal with the differences seen in parallel worlds, but tries to be a decent heist episode. The transgender character is an improvement for the Sliders series (that sometimes seemed indifferent or hostile to women/gender equality), but is still used as a punch line.
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