Season 4 Episode 4

Virtual Slide

Aired Unknown Jun 22, 1998 on FOX

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  • Ah, The Joys Of Virtual Reality in the 1990s

    The Sliders are forced to use virtual reality devices by a corrupt corporation seeking to keep workers docile and obedient. The company hopes to trick the Sliders into giving them the sliders technology in order to exploit the people and resources of other worlds.

    The Virtual Reality technology is so advanced, that people often cannot tell the difference between reality and the computer program.

    Maggie is tricked into thinking that she and the rest of the Sliders have to build a new timer from scratch, while two corporate managers watch the program unfold, hoping to learn the technical secrets of sliding.

    Eventually, the Sliders locate Maggie (strapped into a VR device) and take out the VR technology, while also keeping the Sliders technology safe.

    "Virtual Slide" is a fun, late 1990s take on the potential benefits and dangers of Virtual Reality technology. The episode (unlike the others) avoids borrowing plot elements from sci-fi and horror films, and let's Maggie be more then just a network . sex object.

    Granted, virtual reality technology in the 1990s was no where near as advanced as it is seen in this episode, and it still not quite advanced enough to make this a plausible reality.

    Still, the premise of the episode - great technology should come with great responsibility - is plausible within the Sliders cannon, and fun to watch unfold.
  • Definately worth watching.

    This is one that they hadn't done before. I really enjoyed it after some of the copies and rip offs that had been produced around that time. When we think of virtual reality we think that it's something that will become bigger in the future. This episode warns us of the consiquences of becoming overly dependent on it. In this world everyone walks around with a virtual reality device on their head. It helps them to enjoy life and work more. When a painter is painting a building virtual reality helps him to enjoy his work more by allowing him to think that he is painting a masterpiece. This episode involved Maggie's experience under virtual reality. They were attempting to obtain information about sliding from her while she was under vr. She thought that she had come out of vr and that her friends were being manipulated by it. It was slightly hard to follow, but overall it was quite good. I really did like the concept of using virtual reality to help heal people in medical facilities. Hopefully this technology could be used for something good like this in our real life future.