Season 4 Episode 5

World Killer

Aired Unknown Jun 29, 1998 on FOX



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    • Quinn: We might be able to rebuild your equipment. Get a line on where you sent everyone.
      Alt-Quinn: I told you, that's impossible.
      Rembrandt: Well, every now and then we've managed to do the impossible.

    • Rembrandt: Well, Quinn finds out he's from another world. Your home is blown up and mine is taken over by Kromaggots. I guess we're all shipwrecked in one way or another. But at least we're all floating on the same piece of driftwood.

    • Rembrandt: (watches as Quinn picks up some gizmo from the shelf) Hey, what's the deal? That's not on the list!
      Quinn: It's a biomed scanner. If the world he Slid everyone to already had people on it we'll need some way to differentiate the ones from here so we can Slide them back. I might be able to adapt this to detect the trace lighting signature in their cells.
      Rembrandt: You know, I was just going to suggest that very same thing.

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