Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters

ABC (ended 1989)


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  • Ghostbusters was a cartoon with four men fighting ghosts, demons, and the supernatural alike. In most episodes they was also a moral to the story for children to learn from.

    The Real Ghostbusters was a cartoon enjoyed by both children and adult. Even to this day I'll still sit down and watch one of their cartoons on youtube. I remember growing up I used to love hearing the ghostbusters theme song because I knew what was going to happen...the ghostbusters were going to save the day. The movies that were produced from the show just weren't the same, although I still liked them. Heck...slimer was a bad guy in the first movie. With that said I really do wish the real ghostbusters would be brought back. After they turned it into the Extremem Ghostbusters I knew my favorite cartoon was over.