Slings and Arrows

Season 1 Episode 5

A Mirror up to Nature

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 2003 on The Movie Network



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    • (Geoffrey is angry because Oliver has set free Ellen's pet chameleon, causing Claire to fall off the stage and break her leg.)
      Oliver Wells: It's not like I broke her leg myself. I don't know what you're so upset about, it was that lizard.
      Geoffrey Tennant: She is in the hospital!
      Oliver Wells: Better there than on the stage. Oh, I'm trying to help, Geoffrey. I'm trying to find my place in all this and if that means making manifest your secret desires, then so be it.
      Geoffrey Tennant: My secret desires?
      Oliver Wells: You imagined strangling her yourself a thousand times.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, so you can read my mind now? Is that what you are telling me?
      Oliver Wells: Don't be ridiculous. I know you. You would never have fired her. You'd have spent days with her, trying to squeeze out something resembling a decent performance. Every other aspect of the production would have suffered. I did you a favour.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oliver! I don't want your favours anymore!

    • Geoffrey Tennant: (after explaining to Claire what Ophelia's allegedly meaningless songs are about) Now, let's try it again without the Vietnam flashbacks.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: Jack's bucket?
      Nahum: Yes. It's good, it's really relaxing.
      Geoffrey Tennant: It's kind of nasty for you though.
      Nahum: If I were bothered by vomit, I would not work in the theater.

    • (Holly is driving in her car, listening to a tape.)
      Tape: (with Holly mumbling the same words) I am the center of my universe. All things revolve around me. My power is beyond measure. I am God.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: Jack, listen to me, there are a lot of people who don't think you can pull this thing off. I think they're wrong.

    • Oliver Wells: You see something in Jack, don't you? Something no one else sees. Your vision. I used to have vision, remember? It left with my hair.

    • Kate McNab: I wanted to be Ophelia ever since I saw Ellen play her. I was twelve.
      Jack Crew: Really?
      Kate McNab: Ya. I used to dance around the house with flowers in my hair, singing, my mom sent me to a therapist.

    • (Richard and Geoffrey discussing the budget for "Hamlet".)
      Richard Smith-Jones: There must be something you can use from Darren's design. I seem to recall seventeen thousand dollars worth of pyrotechnics.
      Geoffrey Tennant: It is Hamlet, it's not Tommy!

    • (Claire explains to Geoffrey how she is trying to perform Ophelia's insanity.)
      Claire Donner: I'm remembering what it was like being stoned and I'm using that. I'm disoriented, my head is spinning ... I think that's what it is probably like when you're insane.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Right, well, it's not, trust me, that's what it is like when you're stoned.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: What do you think of Jack?
      Oliver Wells: Well, he's very good-looking. If I were younger ...
      Geoffrey Tennant: Younger than dead, you mean?

    • Kate McNab: Why don't you say the lines, ... ever?
      Jack Crew: I can't say the lines until it feels right.
      Kate McNab: Well, if you wanna learn the lines, I'm available.
      Jack Crew: No, I know the lines, I just, I don't own them yet, you know what I mean? What I'm improvising, those are my words so it feels right.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: Can't you do something? Can't you, you know, cast a spell, make it all better?
      Oliver Wells: A spell? I'm not a witch.
      Geoffrey Tennant: What good are you?
      Oliver Wells: I'm a shoulder to cry on, quip here and there.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, honestly, why are you haunting me like this? Mean, you have some kind of purpose? Is there some kind of, you know, mystical task or something that you are supposed to perform before they let you move on? Because I tell you, I'll help you my friend, I would very much like to help expedite that process.
      Oliver Wells: I'm sorry, Geoffrey, I don't know why I'm here, there was no pamphlet in the coffin.

    • (Jack and Ellen are rehearsing a scene. Jack is improvising, not using his proper lines.)
      Oliver Wells: How much longer are you going to let him shred the text like this?
      Geoffrey Tennant: At least he is making an effort, Ellen's barely in the room.
      Oliver Wells: She'll claim she has nothing to work with.
      Geoffrey Tennant: He's giving her plenty to work with.
      Oliver Wells: Unfortunately none of it was written by William Shakespeare.

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