Slings and Arrows

Season 1 Episode 5

A Mirror up to Nature

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 2003 on The Movie Network



  • Quotes

    • Geoffrey Tennant: Can't you do something? Can't you, you know, cast a spell, make it all better?
      Oliver Wells: A spell? I'm not a witch.
      Geoffrey Tennant: What good are you?
      Oliver Wells: I'm a shoulder to cry on, quip here and there.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, honestly, why are you haunting me like this? Mean, you have some kind of purpose? Is there some kind of, you know, mystical task or something that you are supposed to perform before they let you move on? Because I tell you, I'll help you my friend, I would very much like to help expedite that process.
      Oliver Wells: I'm sorry, Geoffrey, I don't know why I'm here, there was no pamphlet in the coffin.