Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 5

All Blessed Secrets

Aired Unknown Aug 21, 2006 on The Movie Network
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All Blessed Secrets
Geoffrey and Anna must join forces in order to convince Charles to play Lear. All the tension that has been rising in the actors eventually leads them into a bar brawl.
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      • Richard Smith-Jones: I'm cancelling.
        Geoffrey Tennant: No, Richard, we can make this thing work.
        Richard Smith-Jones: It's cancelled.
        Geoffrey Tennant: Richard ...
        Richard Smith-Jones: It's over!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Let me tell Charles.
        Richard Smith-Jones: Be my guest, use my phone.
        Geoffrey Tennant: Well, I can't right now. He's over at the hospital, having a brain scan. I'm going over and I'll tell him then.
        Richard Smith-Jones: Good. And hey, while you're there, why don't you see if you can snag one of these brain scans for yourself.

      • Geoffrey Tennant: I know, you haven't seen it but I have. Charles is Lear. And what the hell is my mandate anyway? I'm supposed to be putting on great performances of great plays.
        Richard Smith-Jones: Great! Then next season we start using live ammo.

      • (Richard and Geoffrey at Richard's office.)
        Richard Smith-Jones: So, he's an addict.
        Geoffrey Tennant: Well, you saw the needle. A hell of a shock. I don't know, I'm guessing he had some kind of an addictive personality, sort of syndrome maybe. Anyway, I think what you and I should do, we have got to find a methadone clinic, right now, right here in New Burbage.
        Richard Smith-Jones: You fucking liar! He's got cancer!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Barbara told you.
        Richard Smith-Jones: Yes. You're gonna put a dying man on stage?
        Geoffrey Tennant: Oh no, Richard, that really depends on how you define dying.
        Richard Smith-Jones: Jesus, Geoffrey, this is not a philosophical discussion!
        Geoffrey Tennant: What was I supposed to do? He begged me not to tell anybody. It's his dying wish!
        Richard Smith-Jones: Geoffrey, if my dying wish is to drive a city bus blindfolded, you know, do us all a favour, you say no!

      • (Charles is supposed to enter the scene. He's all mixed up, obviously taking the play for real.)
        Oliver Wells: He thinks he's Lear!
        Richard Smith-Jones: Geoffrey! Geoffrey!
        Geoffrey Tennant: You have to go out there and tell them that we're cancelling.
        Richard Smith-Jones: I can't. You know ... no, you go this time!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Oh no, I don't think I can, I think I'll start weeping.
        Richard Smith-Jones: And you think I won't?

      • (Charles is raving at his dressing room because Anna wouldn't let him shoot up heroin. Geoffrey is interfering.)
        Geoffrey Tennant: Charles, look at me. The play, the Lear.
        Charles Kingman: I am Lear.
        Geoffrey Tennant: He's fine.

      • (Geoffrey is at Ellen's house trying to convince her to come back.)
        Geoffrey Tennant: I cannot do this without you.
        Ellen Fanshaw: This?
        Geoffrey Tennant: The show, Lear.
        Ellen Fanshaw: Oh, Lear.

      • Ellen Fanshaw: I quit!
        Geoffrey Tennant: No, Ellen ...
        Ellen Fanshaw: I can't take this anymore. This is too, too much. I deserve better than this.
        Geoffrey Tennant: What are you quitting?
        Ellen Fanshaw: Everything.

      • Ellen Fanshaw: What happened to us, Geoffrey? I thought at least we were friends.
        Geoffrey Tennant: We were, we are friends ...
        Oliver Wells: What would you know about friendship?
        Geoffrey Tennant: ... and the last that I checked we were lovers taking a little break. And in any event, this has nothing to do with you ore with anyone else for that matter. This is about King Lear and Charles and I just try to give him his Lear.

      • (Oliver talking with Geoffrey.)
        Oliver Wells: I think we should go back to couple's therapy.

      • Paul: You know what? This is really ridiculous. Just because she's in a musical company. She is an actor, Sophie. She is just like us.
        Sophie: She's nothing like me.
        Paul: She is.
        Sophie: You're calling me an idiot?

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