Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 5

All Blessed Secrets

Aired Unknown Aug 21, 2006 on The Movie Network



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    • Richard Smith-Jones: I'm cancelling.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, Richard, we can make this thing work.
      Richard Smith-Jones: It's cancelled.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Richard ...
      Richard Smith-Jones: It's over!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Let me tell Charles.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Be my guest, use my phone.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Well, I can't right now. He's over at the hospital, having a brain scan. I'm going over and I'll tell him then.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Good. And hey, while you're there, why don't you see if you can snag one of these brain scans for yourself.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: I know, you haven't seen it but I have. Charles is Lear. And what the hell is my mandate anyway? I'm supposed to be putting on great performances of great plays.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Great! Then next season we start using live ammo.

    • (Richard and Geoffrey at Richard's office.)
      Richard Smith-Jones: So, he's an addict.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Well, you saw the needle. A hell of a shock. I don't know, I'm guessing he had some kind of an addictive personality, sort of syndrome maybe. Anyway, I think what you and I should do, we have got to find a methadone clinic, right now, right here in New Burbage.
      Richard Smith-Jones: You fucking liar! He's got cancer!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Barbara told you.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Yes. You're gonna put a dying man on stage?
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh no, Richard, that really depends on how you define dying.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Jesus, Geoffrey, this is not a philosophical discussion!
      Geoffrey Tennant: What was I supposed to do? He begged me not to tell anybody. It's his dying wish!
      Richard Smith-Jones: Geoffrey, if my dying wish is to drive a city bus blindfolded, you know, do us all a favour, you say no!

    • (Charles is supposed to enter the scene. He's all mixed up, obviously taking the play for real.)
      Oliver Wells: He thinks he's Lear!
      Richard Smith-Jones: Geoffrey! Geoffrey!
      Geoffrey Tennant: You have to go out there and tell them that we're cancelling.
      Richard Smith-Jones: I can't. You know ... no, you go this time!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh no, I don't think I can, I think I'll start weeping.
      Richard Smith-Jones: And you think I won't?

    • (Charles is raving at his dressing room because Anna wouldn't let him shoot up heroin. Geoffrey is interfering.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: Charles, look at me. The play, the Lear.
      Charles Kingman: I am Lear.
      Geoffrey Tennant: He's fine.

    • (Geoffrey is at Ellen's house trying to convince her to come back.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: I cannot do this without you.
      Ellen Fanshaw: This?
      Geoffrey Tennant: The show, Lear.
      Ellen Fanshaw: Oh, Lear.

    • Ellen Fanshaw: I quit!
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, Ellen ...
      Ellen Fanshaw: I can't take this anymore. This is too, too much. I deserve better than this.
      Geoffrey Tennant: What are you quitting?
      Ellen Fanshaw: Everything.

    • Ellen Fanshaw: What happened to us, Geoffrey? I thought at least we were friends.
      Geoffrey Tennant: We were, we are friends ...
      Oliver Wells: What would you know about friendship?
      Geoffrey Tennant: ... and the last that I checked we were lovers taking a little break. And in any event, this has nothing to do with you ore with anyone else for that matter. This is about King Lear and Charles and I just try to give him his Lear.

    • (Oliver talking with Geoffrey.)
      Oliver Wells: I think we should go back to couple's therapy.

    • Paul: You know what? This is really ridiculous. Just because she's in a musical company. She is an actor, Sophie. She is just like us.
      Sophie: She's nothing like me.
      Paul: She is.
      Sophie: You're calling me an idiot?

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