Slings and Arrows

Season 2 Episode 6

Birnam Wood

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2005 on The Movie Network

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  • Brilliant!

    This show is always witty and always has something eloquent to say about human nature and life in general. Geoff's comment on the basic truth of Romeo and Juliet is just one such example.
    It's no wonder that Paul Gross and Martha Burns play well off each other, given their real life relationship. However, it takes impressive acting to pull off some of these closeups. Gross's transition from "weeping" to completely calm after speaking to Darren is also well done and hysterical.
    The success of the ridiculous advertising campaign may be a little overdone, but I love this show enough to let such things slide. Any fan of theatre should watch this show.
  • a wonderful season!

    i've finally seen season 2 of "slings & arrows" and much like season 3 (i've written a comment on earlier) it's been too much of a unit to review every single episode so i'm going to write another resumé on the whole season.

    to start with: i really loved it. there's one tiny little "complaint" i have though. it has been frittered into too many sidestrings this time for my taste that didn't finally meet the same perfect way they had in the other two seasons.

    i've given season 2 an overall 9.5 while i've scored the others with a 10 each. season 1 had been very exciting because it had been all new to me (the great and often hilarious cooperation between geoffrey and oliver, the wonderful lovestory between jack and kate, geoffrey and ellen getting back together, ...) and season 3 (my favourite one) had provided more of a most brilliant eccentric humour and a wonderful, at times very affectionate and touching interaction between paul gross' geoffrey tennant and william hutt's charles kingsman that i very much enjoyed to watch. even though season 2 was really great as well and made me enjoy every single second it didn't quite live up to the other two seasons. but that hasn't much a significance really because it still is one of the best seasons i've ever seen on any show.