Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 4

Every Inch a King

Aired Unknown Aug 14, 2006 on The Movie Network



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    • Geoffrey Tennant: You were talking to Charles.
      Oliver Wells: It was a bit awkward. We're not entirely comfortable with each other.
      Geoffrey Tennant: If I wasn't imagining it ...
      Oliver Wells: Personally, I don't think it's a good sign.
      Geoffrey Tennant: More evidence of my insanity?
      Oliver Wells: Not that! Why can I talk to Charles now? Why now and not before?
      Geoffrey Tennant: I don't know. I barely understand the rules of my own world along with yours.
      Oliver Wells: Because he has one foot in the grave as it were. Time is running out. Oh, it's so much to do. We've gonna have to start from scratch.
      Geoffrey Tennant: We my dead friend? Does that mean you're back on board?
      Oliver Wells: Well, now he's my friend too.

    • (Anna has found out about Charles having cancer and offers her help.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: This is a flat out one hundred percent mess. Don't get yourself involved.
      Anna Conroy: Not everybody gets to do what they want before they die but they should.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: You could quit.
      Ellen Fanshaw: Oh, that would be quite a statement, abandoning the sinking ship.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Well, you already took a running dive out of our relationship.
      Ellen Fanshaw: Not quite. I was in a lifeboat, pulling you behind.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, more like I was tied to the anchor and I was fighting for air!
      Ellen Fanshaw: I was pulling that anchor right ... I just forgot the metaphor!

    • (Charles has had an accident in the bathtub, causing him to miss the premiere of "King Lear".)
      Charles Kingman: I hope death is not like being stuck in a tub, listening to a telephone ring you can't answer.
      Oliver Wells: That's like something from Beckett.
      Charles Kingman: (answering to Oliver who had only been visible to Geoffrey before) Oh god, what if he was right?
      Oliver Wells: He wasn't far off. It is a terribly empty experience. Perhaps it evolves. We get out of the tub ...
      Charles Kingman: And we get our heart's desire.
      Oliver Wells: Maybe you have to suffer in the tub before you know your reward.
      Charles Kingman: As if suffering in life is not enough?
      Geoffrey Tennant: Okay, what's going on?
      Oliver Wells: Ah, it's a death thing, you wouldn't understand
      Charles Kingman: One thought that comforts me is that death is natural. Everyone dies. I'm not cursed, just part of the natural world.
      Oliver Wells: That feeling wears off when you actually die. After that things get very unnatural indeed.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Okay Charles, where do you keep your booze?

    • Charles Kingman: Be honest. When I didn't turn up you thought I was dead and for a tiny moment your were relieved.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Only briefly.

    • (Geoffrey and Charles are talking about the feelings the staff has towards Charles.)
      Charles Kingman: They hate me.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Yeah, they hate you.
      Charles Kingman: I would hate me.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Well, it's ... they're really just scared. They don't know who's gonna show up from one moment to the next. They don't know whether it's gonna be the angry Lear or if it's gonna be the loopy Lear ...
      Charles Kingman: Or the dead Lear, let's not forget that one.

    • (Ellen and Geoffrey are watching Charles rehearse.)
      Ellen Fanshaw: This is an amazing line run. It's a different Charles. What did you do?
      Geoffrey Tennant: I shot him full of heroin.
      Ellen Fanshaw: You should shoot me up too, I could use the help.

    • Andrew McTeague: I'm gonna try something that might seem a little odd. It's just an exercice. Take a moment and breathe. It might help if you close your eyes. Good. Yes. Now imagine that Oliver Wells is sitting in this chair. Really see him, try to see as many details as possible. You see his clothing, the expression on his face. Can you do that?
      Geoffrey Tennant: Yeah, I can do that.
      Andrew McTeague: Now I want you to talk to him as if he was really there.
      (Oliver is really sitting on the formerly empty chair now, invisible to Andrew.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: 'Bout time you showed up!
      Andrew McTeague: Good.
      Geoffrey Tennant: You dragged me into this and then you bailed on me!
      Andrew McTeague: Yes, good!
      Oliver Wells: I panicked! I encourage you to panic with me. This whole enterprise is doomed to fail. He will be humiliated, we all will be.
      Geoffrey Tennant: That's never stopped you before.
      Oliver Wells: This again. You know, I did not wave my magic stuff and made you have a mental breakdown.
      Geoffrey Tennant: You did everything but!
      Andrew McTeague: You're really good at this.
      Oliver Wells: When are you going to accept responsabilty, Geoffrey?
      Geoffrey Tennant: My responsibility for what?
      Andrew McTeague: For what?
      Oliver Wells: Your betrayal.
      Geoffrey Tennant: My betrayal?
      Andrew McTeague: Well, let's talk about that.
      Geoffrey Tennant: About what?
      Andrew McTeague: The betrayal.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No! He betrayed me! You seduced my girlfriend!
      Andrew McTeague: I thought you said Oliver was gay.
      Oliver Wells: And why did I do that? You wanted me to push you. You wanted to be a great actor and I made you into one.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, this is such bullshit!
      Andrew McTeague: No, I think it's going pretty good.
      Oliver Wells: And then he left. You left, you broke my heart, Geoffrey, and now I'm dead.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, are you suggesting that I killed you?
      Oliver Wells: No, a pick-truck killed me, you tortured me for seven years and then on that night I tried to call you ...
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, go to hell!
      Oliver Wells: I am in hell!
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, you're not in hell, you're in limbo!
      Oliver Wells: How do I get out?
      Geoffrey Tennant: How the fuck should I know?
      (Talking to Andrew now) This has been really helpful, thank you.
      Andrew McTeague: I didn't think it would go that well. I mean, that was a remarkable thing to witness. I think we should keep going.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, I think we're done, thanks.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: We open tomorrow night and I don't think Charles can do it.
      Andrew McTeague: Why is that your problem? I mean, he asked you, it's a charitable act.
      Geoffrey Tennant: I don't know that it is. I mean, if he's calling for a line every ten seconds, if he's stumbling around off stage, lost, is that charity or is it public humiliation?

    • (Geoffrey and Maria are watching Charles' performance being flawless for once.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: There, you se, he can do it!
      Maria: For ten minutes a night! It's a three hour show.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, it is not! It's two hours fifty-six, max.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: He can do it.
      Ellen Fanshaw: He hasn't yet.
      Geoffrey Tennant: For god's sake, he is playing Lear, Lear, a frail, old man. If he appears occasionally weak, that's not a problem.
      Ellen Fanshaw: He's not playing Lear, he's living Lear, that's the problem.

    • (Frank and Cyril are discussing Charles' behaviour at a preview performance.)
      Frank: It was bloody awful. You never know when he's gonna go off. You never feel safe, it's like the Blitz.

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