Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 4

Every Inch a King

Aired Unknown Aug 14, 2006 on The Movie Network



  • Quotes

    • Andrew McTeague: I'm gonna try something that might seem a little odd. It's just an exercice. Take a moment and breathe. It might help if you close your eyes. Good. Yes. Now imagine that Oliver Wells is sitting in this chair. Really see him, try to see as many details as possible. You see his clothing, the expression on his face. Can you do that?
      Geoffrey Tennant: Yeah, I can do that.
      Andrew McTeague: Now I want you to talk to him as if he was really there.
      (Oliver is really sitting on the formerly empty chair now, invisible to Andrew.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: 'Bout time you showed up!
      Andrew McTeague: Good.
      Geoffrey Tennant: You dragged me into this and then you bailed on me!
      Andrew McTeague: Yes, good!
      Oliver Wells: I panicked! I encourage you to panic with me. This whole enterprise is doomed to fail. He will be humiliated, we all will be.
      Geoffrey Tennant: That's never stopped you before.
      Oliver Wells: This again. You know, I did not wave my magic stuff and made you have a mental breakdown.
      Geoffrey Tennant: You did everything but!
      Andrew McTeague: You're really good at this.
      Oliver Wells: When are you going to accept responsabilty, Geoffrey?
      Geoffrey Tennant: My responsibility for what?
      Andrew McTeague: For what?
      Oliver Wells: Your betrayal.
      Geoffrey Tennant: My betrayal?
      Andrew McTeague: Well, let's talk about that.
      Geoffrey Tennant: About what?
      Andrew McTeague: The betrayal.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No! He betrayed me! You seduced my girlfriend!
      Andrew McTeague: I thought you said Oliver was gay.
      Oliver Wells: And why did I do that? You wanted me to push you. You wanted to be a great actor and I made you into one.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, this is such bullshit!
      Andrew McTeague: No, I think it's going pretty good.
      Oliver Wells: And then he left. You left, you broke my heart, Geoffrey, and now I'm dead.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, are you suggesting that I killed you?
      Oliver Wells: No, a pick-truck killed me, you tortured me for seven years and then on that night I tried to call you ...
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, go to hell!
      Oliver Wells: I am in hell!
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, you're not in hell, you're in limbo!
      Oliver Wells: How do I get out?
      Geoffrey Tennant: How the fuck should I know?
      (Talking to Andrew now) This has been really helpful, thank you.
      Andrew McTeague: I didn't think it would go that well. I mean, that was a remarkable thing to witness. I think we should keep going.
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, I think we're done, thanks.