Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 4

Every Inch a King

Aired Unknown Aug 14, 2006 on The Movie Network



  • Quotes

    • Geoffrey Tennant: You were talking to Charles.
      Oliver Wells: It was a bit awkward. We're not entirely comfortable with each other.
      Geoffrey Tennant: If I wasn't imagining it ...
      Oliver Wells: Personally, I don't think it's a good sign.
      Geoffrey Tennant: More evidence of my insanity?
      Oliver Wells: Not that! Why can I talk to Charles now? Why now and not before?
      Geoffrey Tennant: I don't know. I barely understand the rules of my own world along with yours.
      Oliver Wells: Because he has one foot in the grave as it were. Time is running out. Oh, it's so much to do. We've gonna have to start from scratch.
      Geoffrey Tennant: We my dead friend? Does that mean you're back on board?
      Oliver Wells: Well, now he's my friend too.

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