Slings and Arrows

Season 1 Episode 2

Geoffrey Returns

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 2003 on The Movie Network
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Geoffrey Returns
Richard find himself overwhelmed trying to keep the festival running smoothly in the wake of Oliver's death. Kate ditches rehearsals to audition for a Corny Smacks commercial, and unwittingly runs into Hollywood action star Jack Crew. Jack has been hired to play Hamlet in the festival, but his arrival has been forgotten during the preparations for Oliver's funeral. Emma begins a relationship with Sloan, a young flower deliveryman who rescues her neglected chameleon. Geoffrey visits the funeral home, and questions his sanity when Oliver begins to speak to him from "the other side". Richard turns Oliver's funeral into a stage production in an attempt to be promoted to artistic director. Despite his delivering of a scathing speech at Oliver's funeral, the board of directors offers the job of artistic director to Geoffrey, on a temporary basis. Anna asks Geoffrey to help carry out Oliver's final request, a request that may have legal implications.moreless

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      • Geoffrey Tennant: They've asked me to be the artistic director.
        Ellen Fanshaw: What?
        Geoffrey Tennant: Well, interim artistic director while they search for a real one, but you know how long that process could take, weeks, months, years, ...
        Ellen Fanshaw: You can't come back, you're insane!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Now, apparently, that doesn't matter in the theater.

      • Anna Conroy: Geoffrey.
        Geoffrey Tennant: Anna.
        Anna Conroy: O.k., what do you know about the thing?
        Geoffrey Tennant: What thing?
        Anna Conroy: It's so disgusting, I can't even say the words.
        Geoffrey Tennant: The skull thing?
        Anna Conroy: The skull thing, yes.
        Geoffrey Tennant: I didn't think he was serious.
        Anna Conroy: I've made some calls. People hung up on me. They said I was sick. Somebody threatened to call the police. I can't handle this, Geoffrey.
        Geoffrey Tennant: No, I, I, I, I'll take care of it.
        Anna Conroy: Oh god, thank you. Wait, you're not thinking of doing this yourself, are you?
        Geoffrey Tennant: No, although I can't deny that the thought hadn't occurred to me once or twice.
        Anna Conroy: Oh, it's good to have you back.
        Geoffrey Tennant: Thank you, but I'm not, I'm not back. I'm just, I'm visiting.

      • (Geoffrey at the funeral home, talking with the morticians.)
        Reg Mortimer: How can we help you?
        Geoffrey Tennant: Well, I wonder if you could do me the favour of removing Oliver's head from his body and setting the head aside prior to the cremation, saving the head. O.k., let me explain that I'm not crazy.
        Sal Mortimer: With all due respect, we have heard otherwise.
        Geoffrey Tennant: That was a temporary condition and I assure you, I don't wanna do anything weird with the head. As a matter of fact, it was Oliver himself who requested that his flesh be removed and that his skull be used in all future productions of Hamlet. So, you see, it's not weird and in fact it is notarized.
        Reg Mortimer: We've never removed a head.
        Sal Mortimer: We've sewn them back on.
        Geoffrey Tennant: Well, I imagine it's the same thing but in reverse.
        Reg Mortimer: And there are legal implications.
        Geoffrey Tennant: You see, I would have thought that the ethical implications of not respecting a man's last wish would outweigh the legal implications. Furthermore, I believe that the state has no place in the nation's bedrooms and by extension, their graves.
        Reg Mortimer: We can remove the head, but we can't do the rendering, we're not equipped.
        Geoffrey Tennant: I see. And where would you suppose a fellow would go for such a service?
        Reg Mortimer: A taxidermist.
        Sal Mortimer: I would begin with the less reputable firms.
        Geoffrey Tennant: Thank you. Let's do this thing.

    • NOTES (2)

      • The character of Jack Crew, a Hollywood action star hired to play Hamlet, is partly a satire of Keanu Reeves who played that role in 1995 at the Manitoba Theatre Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kate meeting Crew on a bus may be a reference to the movie "Speed", Reeves' biggest role at that time.

      • This is not the first time Paul Gross has played a character that talks to dead people. In "Due South", he was constantly talking to the ghost of his dead father, just as he did later playing the title role of Hamlet at the Stratford Festival.

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