Slings and Arrows

Season 1 Episode 3

Madness in Great Ones

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2003 on The Movie Network
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Madness in Great Ones
Geoffrey hands the actual production of Hamlet over to stage director Darren Nichols, so that he can devote himself to supervising the Festival's new money-making scheme, the "Shakespeare in Business Seminar". Holly Day spirits Richard off to Toronto to see "Mamma Mia" and indulge in more scheming. Kate and Jack enjoy a movie-popcorn afternoon while tongues wag. Geoffrey manages to alienate everyone when he is interviewed by a theatre critic, then gets drunk and challenges Darren to a sword duel.moreless

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      • (Geoffrey and Oliver at the theater.)
        Geoffrey Tennant: I don't know why I'm here. I hate this fucking place!
        Oliver Wells: And I don't blame you. Drove you mad, didn't it? And it killed me.

      • Maria: (very drunk) Actors! You're aaaaaaaaaaaall the same! You're all a bunch of selfish, filthy, whiny children!

      • Geoffrey Tennant: There is one thing about acting that I miss.
        Terry: What?
        Geoffrey Tennant: I was in love with an actress, a beautiful, talented actress and when we were together on the stage, it was like having sex in public.
        Terry: Ah, I love that.
        Geoffrey Tennant: And I have never felt this close to anyone. We played all the great love scenes and we meant it, people would stand and they'd cheer and they would throw flowers and then we would go home and we would make love and that ... I miss that because life cannot compete with that.

      • (A drunk Geoffrey challenges Darren to a duel at Ellen's party.)
        Geoffrey Tennant: There's the villain. Terry, give him his rapier.
        Terry: Hi! (Hands over a rapier to Darren.)
        Darren Nichols: What kind of game ist this, Geoffrey?
        Geoffrey Tennant: You are a pompous fool, you have no respect for the stage of no business working in the theater. You slaughter the text, you fill the stage with animals, you're just an all-round goof. Take up your weapon!
        Darren Nichols: Not again!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Terry, clear the killing field!

      • Darren Nichols: Hello everyone, I am Darren Nichols, deal with that. All right. Re:Hamlet. Haaamlet. (Waves around a copy of "Hamlet".) This play is dead. It has been dead for over three hundred years. (...) I don't worship dead texts but that doesn't mean I don't find interest in them. Now, as for my vision, I'm taking the word rotten as in "something's rotten in the state of Denmark" very seriously. I want a rank and foul looking, foul acted and if possible, foul smelling Hamlet, a decomposed vessel somewhere between the swamp and the sewer. Anyway, that's the general idea. Questions? Okay, let's read this corpse!

      • (Geoffrey is guiding a management seminar.)
        Geoffrey Tennant: Why are you here?
        Participant: We're here to (reading from the description for the seminar) improve management strategies and interpersonal communication skills through an examination of key works by the great English playwright William Shakespeare.
        (Geoffrey laughs.)
        Geoffrey Tennant: Oh! Okay, before we begin, let me ask you a question. Do any of you seriously believe that you are gonna sell more plastic products to the construction industry by studying ... say ... the crisis management techniques of Claudius, bearing in mind that he was a scheming villain who murdered his brother, married his sister-in-law in order to gain control over a kingdom?

      • (Anna is holding Oliver's skull.)
        Anna Conroy: It's not heavy at all.
        Geoffrey Tennant: It's much lighter without the ego.

      • Geoffrey Tennant: What is happening here? You're dead!
        Oliver Wells: Apparently there's an afterlife, despite what they taught us in university.

      • (Ellen and May are discussing why Geoffrey has been appointed interim artistic director of the festival.)
        Ellen Fanshaw: How could you let this happen?
        May Silverstone: Ellen, ...
        Ellen Fanshaw: I'm sorry, May, he's insane and he hates this place.
        May Silverstone: Geoffrey is a very passionate man.
        Ellen Fanshaw: He's not equipped to be artistic director, not mentally equipped.
        May Silverstone: Well, it has been seven years, Ellen. Perhaps he's reequipped himself.
        Ellen Fanshaw: God knows, what Oliver would say if he knew. God only knows.
        Geoffrey Tennant: She's right you know, I'm not mentally equipped.
        May Silverstone: If you ask me, we could use a little madness around here.

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      • Oliver: Look at you! You couldn't look more like a fool if you were wearing the cap & bells!
        Geoffrey: What's your point, Topper?

        "Topper" was a situation comedy that ran on all three legacy broadcast networks (CBS, ABC, NBC) at one time during 1953-1956. Cosmo Topper, played by future Man from U.N.C.L.E. boss Leo G. Carroll, interacted with the ghosts of a young couple killed in a skiing accident, whose home he subsequently occupied.