Slings and Arrows

Season 1 Episode 6

Playing the Swan

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 2003 on The Movie Network

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  • Apparently the last of 6 episodes, Hamlet finally hits the stage in this episode. Many loose ends are tied off, many are left dangling...and it is rightfully so.

    I regret so very much that this program had such a short run; it was unfailingly entertaining, insightful, wonderfully written and beautifully acted. Geoffrey the director shone especially; his insights into Hamlet's characters were true and heartfelt, and the entire cast carried this show with their full talents. I enjoyed the camaraderie and poison darts shared by the troupe; actors do tend to be dramatic!
  • Exactly captures the brilliance of theatre, and is a perfect end to the season.

    Captures the brilliance of the theatre, the play itself, the excitement of an opening night, and the tension of acting, as well as something about the opposition between art versus commerce - whilst still being a damn fine comedy/drama.

    The way that the subplot of Geoffrey's madness, Oliver's death, and the love triangle with Ellen was worked in - of course mirroring the play itself - was most powerful in this episode. The flashback sequences were well designed: stark, poignant, and they never veered into self indugence. They were the inciting incident behind the entire story, and seeing them wrapped up (and Oliver gobbled up by the swans!) was a nice example of televisual bookending.

    After five previous episodes and five weeks, it was rewarding to see the show come together, and the standing ovation was as much the TV audience's at home as the one in the New Burbage.
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