Slings and Arrows

Season 1 Episode 6

Playing the Swan

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 2003 on The Movie Network



  • Quotes

    • Geoffrey Tennant: I was looking forward to your Gertrude, more than you will ever know.
      Ellen Fanshaw: This isn't going to a compliment, is it?
      Geoffrey Tennant: You two have a lot in common, you and the wanton queen. Like you, she's a victim of her own sexuality. She lives to be an object of desire. She's as happy with the good king as the bad king, doesn't matter. The keyword here of course is "object" because once you allow yourself to be objectified, then you will be trundled in and out of the light like a prop or you will get caught in someone's politics and be forced to drink from the poisoned calyx or, worst fate of all, you will be dumped by your teen aged boyfriend.
      Ellen Fanshaw: God! You're an ugly drunk!

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