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  • a wonderful show

    i've only just seen season 1 of "slings & arrows" on dvd. it has enthralled me right away! to be honest i was mainly interested in seeing paul gross again (i'm huge fan of his and of "due south") but this show has to offer so much more! it has a most brilliant cast, it is very funny, at times even eccentric but then again very tragic and touching.

    i just loved the scenes between geoffrey and oliver, the vulnerability and madness added to geoffrey's character, the wonderful love story between kate and jack, the evilness of holly, the self-centredness of claire and darren nichols, the manipulability of richard, geoffrey and ellen finally growing closer again, the sensitive way geoffrey explains the characters to his cast and i have finally discovered the beauty of the words of william shakespeare (not being a native speaker they are not part of the things i heard or read at school) ... i guess there won't be much of a chance for this show being broadcasted where i live. poor switzerland, you won't ever know what you're missing! complement: i've seen season 3 as well in the meantime and loved it as much (or even more) than i loved season 1. you can read my review under "the promised end".

    i'm really sad there most likely won't be any more seasons. i would have loved to see more of this most wonderful and brillant show that, judging from the amount of people who have been scoring or tracking it in here, strikes me to be a jewel among todays shows overlooked by a major audience ...