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  • Pure genius

    Having in the past three weeks watched all three seasons of "Slings & Arrows" on DVD, I can say without question that this is one of the best shows of any kind I have ever seen. From the brilliance of the writing to the beauty of the acting, this show is television of the highest quality. It manages to be very funny, often darkly so, as well as terrifically moving. There is not a false note in any of this series' eighteen episodes. And it is the rare example of a show that just gets better with every episode. The first season sets a high bar, and each succeeding season clears that bar with ease. The final season, in which artistic director Geoffrey Tennant tries to direct his dying acting idol in "King Lear," is truly magnificent. The entire cast is extraordinary, especially Paul Gross as Tennant, Martha Burns as leading actress Ellen Fanshaw, Stephen Ouimette as former director and now ghost Oliver Welles, Susan Coyne as administrative assistant Anna Conroy, and Mark McKinney as general manager Richard Smith-Jones. And the writing, by regulars Coyne and McKinney as well as Bob Martin, who appears briefly in the first season, is pitch-perfect. If you've never seen this show, I highly recommend it.