Slings and Arrows - Season 3

The Movie Network (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • The Promised End
    Episode 6
    Thanks to Charles, Lear gets cancelled and Geoffrey's future at the festival is in doubt. Also Ellen finally fires Barabara. The end of the series ends in typical Shakespearean fashion, with a wedding and a song.
  • 8/21/06
    Geoffrey and Anna must join forces in order to convince Charles to play Lear. All the tension that has been rising in the actors eventually leads them into a bar brawl.
  • Every Inch a King
    Episode 4
    Ellen gets offered a lead role in a new tv series and Geoffrey is now living with Charles. But on opening night for Lear, Charles goes missing. This causes Richard to step in and take drastic measures, which Geoffrey is against.
  • 8/7/06
    While Oliver looks on smugly, Andrew forces Geoffrey to confront his feelings about his ghostly nemesis. The bond between Sophie and Paul is weakened by Paul's increasing fascination with Megan and her singing voice.
  • Vex Not His Ghost
    Episode 2
    Richard discovers a kindred spirit in Nigel, the talented young writer of East Hastings. With Nigel's encouragement, and a few tips from Geoffrey, Richard takes on Darren's musical dictatorship.
  • Divided Kingdom
    Episode 1
    With last season's Macbeth the toast of Broadway, Geoffrey is under pressure to deliver another hit. The play he has chosen is an even greater challenge, King Lear. Terrified to climb this Everest alone, he seeks out his ghostly mentor, Oliver Wells. But Oliver is nowhere to be seen. As for Ellen, Geoffrey's on again/off again lover, she is too busy taking Geoffrey's panic personally to be of any help. So Geoffrey turns to his boyhood hero Charles Kingman, who he coaxes out of retirement to play King Lear.moreless