Slings and Arrows

Season 2 Episode 1

Season's End

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 2005 on The Movie Network
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Season's End
"Slings & Arrows"' second season revisits the comically dysfunctional New Burbage Theater Festival, under the artistic direction of Geoffrey Tennant (Paul Gross). Tennant's triumph with "Hamlet" has done nothing to solve the theater's financial woes, and now he has no choice but to mount a new production of the most jinxed play in theatrical history: "Macbeth." Ellen's boyfriend proposes to her, but thanks to Geoffrey's interference, she declines.moreless
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      • Sloan: Just let me in. Let me into your world.
        Ellen Fanshaw: Oh sweetie, you don't wanna go there, it's a horrible place!

      • (Geoffrey and Ellen are having a quarrel in Geoffrey's office.)
        Geoffrey Tennant: You've got an ego bigger than this building!
        Ellen Fanshaw: You see! That's an insult! You just insulted me! You're like a schoolboy with a crush!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, c'mon!
        Ellen Fanshaw: Look me in the eye and tell me different!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Ellen ... (grabs and kisses her)
        Ellen Fanshaw: You see! (kisses Geoffrey back)

      • Nahum: Is something bothering you?
        Geoffrey Tennant: They want me to do Macbeth.
        Nahum: Dammit!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Why does that bother you?
        Nahum: I do not like that play. It teaches us nothing.
        Geoffrey Tennant: It teaches us about evil.
        Nahum: No! It shows us evil. It's a portrait of a psychopath. Where I come from in Nigeria, it is a familiar sight. I've had my fill of psychopaths.

      • Richard Smith-Jones: There's good news! Henry Breedlove is finally available.
        Geoffrey Tennant: What would he do exactly?
        Richard Smith-Jones: Macbeth!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Where?
        Richard Smith-Jones: Where? Here at the Rose, Oliver always wanted it!

      • Nahum: You are doing that play?
        Geoffrey Tennant: No, no.
        Nahum: It's a bad play!
        Geoffrey Tennant: Well, it has some problems.
        Nahum: It's full of blood!
        Geoffrey Tennant: No, what I mean is, it's extrodinaly difficult to stage effectively.
        Nahum: It opens the door to the other world and beckons them. It is an evil play!

      • (Geoffrey is approached by Moira "the witch" who tells him that she is wondering how he is going to stage Macbeth).
        Geoffrey Tennant: We're not doing Macbeth.
        Moira: Oh, it's a trial of fire. I've seen men broken by that play. Oh yes, I'm interested to see what you do with that one.

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