Slings and Arrows

Season 2 Episode 1

Season's End

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 2005 on The Movie Network



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    • Sloan: Just let me in. Let me into your world.
      Ellen Fanshaw: Oh sweetie, you don't wanna go there, it's a horrible place!

    • (Geoffrey and Ellen are having a quarrel in Geoffrey's office.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: You've got an ego bigger than this building!
      Ellen Fanshaw: You see! That's an insult! You just insulted me! You're like a schoolboy with a crush!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, c'mon!
      Ellen Fanshaw: Look me in the eye and tell me different!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Ellen ... (grabs and kisses her)
      Ellen Fanshaw: You see! (kisses Geoffrey back)

    • Nahum: Is something bothering you?
      Geoffrey Tennant: They want me to do Macbeth.
      Nahum: Dammit!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Why does that bother you?
      Nahum: I do not like that play. It teaches us nothing.
      Geoffrey Tennant: It teaches us about evil.
      Nahum: No! It shows us evil. It's a portrait of a psychopath. Where I come from in Nigeria, it is a familiar sight. I've had my fill of psychopaths.

    • Richard Smith-Jones: There's good news! Henry Breedlove is finally available.
      Geoffrey Tennant: What would he do exactly?
      Richard Smith-Jones: Macbeth!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Where?
      Richard Smith-Jones: Where? Here at the Rose, Oliver always wanted it!

    • Nahum: You are doing that play?
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, no.
      Nahum: It's a bad play!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Well, it has some problems.
      Nahum: It's full of blood!
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, what I mean is, it's extrodinaly difficult to stage effectively.
      Nahum: It opens the door to the other world and beckons them. It is an evil play!

    • (Geoffrey is approached by Moira "the witch" who tells him that she is wondering how he is going to stage Macbeth).
      Geoffrey Tennant: We're not doing Macbeth.
      Moira: Oh, it's a trial of fire. I've seen men broken by that play. Oh yes, I'm interested to see what you do with that one.

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