Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 3

That Way Madness Lies

Aired Unknown Aug 07, 2006 on The Movie Network



  • Quotes

    • (Geoffrey and Ellen are discussing on whether or not throwing Barbara out of the house.)
      Ellen Fanshaw: Geoffrey, she's my best friend, I can't just kick her out.
      Geoffrey Tennant: What am I?
      Ellen Fanshaw: You're my ... guy.
      Geoffrey Tennant: You were going to say lover.
      Ellen Fanshaw: I was going to say guy lover, lover guy. Well, we haven't made love in weeks.
      Geoffrey Tennant: I must sleep on the couch.
      Ellen Fanshaw: Oh, don't do that, this isn't a sitcom.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh well, it actually is. I have a broken wing and there is a lizard queen living downstairs.
      Ellen Fanshaw: Come back to bed, we can work this out. You can leave in the morning.
      Geoffrey Tennant: This is working it out?
      Ellen Fanshaw: Where are you going?
      Geoffrey Tennant: You're kicking me out of the house.
      Ellen Fanshaw: No, I'm not ... okay, I am. But what's the big deal? Last year you lived under the theater.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Wait a minute. Are we breaking up?
      Ellen Fanshaw: No, we're not. I love you, I'll miss you terribly, this is only temporary.
      Geoffrey Tennant: What the hell? (leaves)

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