Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 6

The Promised End

Aired Unknown Aug 28, 2006 on The Movie Network

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  • a wonderful episode in a wonderful season in a wonderful show!

    since season 3 is so much of an unit i don't think i will be able to just write a review on this very last episode but more of an all-over-season 3-résumé.

    this season and this show in general have been a revelation to me! i know that must sound very lofty but this is the most touching but yet funny, intelligent and charming show i've seen in years! it is most brilliantly acted, it has a great story, it has a great, sophisticated humour and it has a deep sense of humanity. it is a tale of courage and of standing up for what you believe in (first by geoffrey, then by anna and finally by the whole cast just to grant a dying man a last chance to play the role of his life, even though geoffrey and anna are losing their jobs because of this and everybody else's contracts are in jeopardy). i was moved by the way geoffrey keeps up trying to make charles' last wish come true, the respect and admiration he treats him with and accompagnies him through a difficult time, believing in him even though charles does not seem to be able to live up to the trust geoffrey has put in him. i just loved how geoffrey and oliver were finally making peace with their past and with each other, i was wheeping when geoffrey spoke to the (finally empty) chair, telling oliver how much he missed and that he loved him. there were so many funny (sometimes tragic at the same time) and eccentric scenes as well. the bolivians living in the storage room, geoffrey arguing with oliver (invisible to everybody else), making himself look like a lunatic, charles finally speaking to oliver as well, richard completely losing it, ... . i most admired the wonderful acting of paul gross, william hutt, susan coyne and mark mckinney. out of an already amazing crew, they made most outstanding performances, exceptional for a tv-show.

    oh, i wished their were more shows like this!