Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 6

The Promised End

Aired Unknown Aug 28, 2006 on The Movie Network



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    • Andrew McTeague: If we could hurry, I have a wedding to minister.
      (Geoffrey takes a bow tie out of his pocket.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: You know how to tie one of these things?
      Andrew McTeague: No, sorry, I don't.
      Geoffrey Tennant: What do you mean? You do thousands of weddings.
      Andrew McTeague: I marry people, I don't dress them.
      Geoffrey Tennant: The bow tie is a disaster, the whole thing is a disaster.
      Andrew McTeague: Well, maybe you should just call the whole thing off then.
      Geoffrey Tennant: What are you talking about? I already said yes.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: And as for Charles ... well, I imagine that you know all about him and thanks for all that. And as for you, I wanna thank you and I wanna curse you and I have to say goodbye now, Oliver, I love you, I wish you could be here today.

    • Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, Ellen, well ... Ellen is being sued by the producers of that TV show and she kind of said, more or less said "go ahead, take it all!". So they did. They took her house which is why we're moving to Montreal. Well, I kind of thought that I could resurrect my theater company "Theatre sans argent", I think it could work, you know, it's bilingual for a start ... .
      Andrew McTeague: You're good.
      Geoffrey Tennant: I'm not quite done.

    • Andrew McTeague: Okay, so, you know the routine.
      Geoffrey Tennant: I face the empty chair and I talk.
      Andrew McTeague: Talk to Oliver.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Okay.
      (Geoffrey is talking to a finally empty chair.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: Hi, how are you doing? Oh, yah ... let me see. Oh, Anna is finally taking a vacation, in Bolivia. Well, apparently there's some kind of counter-revolution going on but I'm told that Anna has taken up with the leader of the revolutionaries, so ... . Richard? Oh God. Well, Richard, Richard is directing next season. Yeah, Oklahoma!, in fact he has announced his intension to work his way through the entire canon of Rodgers and Hammerstein. God help us all!

    • Anna Conroy: Just say it, Richard. Say "you're fired".
      Richard Smith-Jones: Anna, I'm not firing you.
      Anna Conroy: You're firing me.
      Richard Smith-Jones: No, Anna, I don't fire friends.
      Anna Conroy: Richard, we're really not friends.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Okay, c'mon Anna, that's, that's just the way you feel right now, you know, at ten fifteen in the morning on whatever day it ist, in whatever year, you know, besides, you're upset, you know, I think that invalidates your opinion.
      Anna Conroy: All right. I'll do it myself, I do everything around here: "Anna, you're fired! Go, clean out your desk!"
      Richard Smith-Jones: Anna, I'm not firing you, okay? I don't fire friends, I don't! Please! Please ...
      Anna Conroy: Okay, you're not firing me ...
      Richard Smith-Jones: Yeah, good.
      (Anna starts to cry.)
      Richard Smith-Jones: Oh, Anna, don't cry. Look, I know you're upset, Charles dying and everything ...
      Anna Conroy: It's not Charles. It's you. You came so close, Richard, to becoming a human being. You lost your soul and now you're just a fool.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Okay, Anna, clean out your desk.
      Anna Conroy: Thank you, Richard.

    • (Geoffrey and Oliver are watching a wonderful performance by Charles Kingman from behind the curtain.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: What are we doing here, you and I?
      Oliver Wells: Putting on a play.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Putting on a play. This isn't about us, is it?
      Oliver Wells: No, never was.

    • Maria: One tiny announcement, executive director Richard Smith-Jones wants you to know that every member of the New Burbage company participating in this performance will find their contracts under serious reconsideration.
      (The actors and actresses burst out into laughter.)

    • Barbara: So, how's the TV show?
      Ellen Fanshaw: Oh, I quit.
      Barbara: Oh, I love you, El, you're such a disaster!

    • (Maria is bringing the dresses for "Hamlet" from the theater to the parish hall.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, Maria, I see you've worked your black artistry again.
      Maria: Save it, Geoffrey, it's called theft.

    • (Geoffrey is trying to convince Ellen to do one more performance of "Lear" for Charles.)
      Ellen Fanshaw: I've given up with theater.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh, if that is true and if you are done with the theater, I have this to say to you: thank you, because you are without a doubt the most aggravating, self-centred, infuriating actress I have ever had to direct.
      Ellen Fanshaw: Oh, shut up, Geoffrey and fuck off!
      Geoffrey Tennant: You are also the most passionate, the most sensual, the most heartbreaking.
      Ellen Fanshaw: All right, I'll do it ...

    • Charles Kingman: (citing Lear) "Shake all cares and business from our age, conferring them on younger strengths, while we unburden'd crawl toward death ...", but he doesn't mean it. Of course! He doesn't really think he's gonna die, no one does, I don't, that's the real insanity of it. Geoffrey, I wanna do Lear again, all the way through this time.
      Geoffrey Tennant: Sure.

    • (Charles and Geoffrey are bowling after Geoffrey has left the theater and Charles has been released from hospital.)
      Charles Kingman: Having fun?
      Geoffrey Tennant: Oh yeah, getting my ass kicked, I love it.
      Charles Kingman: What else have you got to do?
      Geoffrey Tennant: I could be sifting through my job offers ...
      Charles Kingman: Seriously?
      Geoffrey Tennant: No, I'm never gonna work again.

    • (Geoffrey is telling the crew that he is stepping down as artistic director.)
      Frank: What did he say?
      Cyril: He's leaving.
      Frank: No!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Frank?
      Frank: I've given my whole life to this place. I've been here ever since it was under a tent. I played every duke, lord and first messenger, everyone in the canon. Now, finally after all that, this year I've made it to Broadway.
      Cyril: Sean Penn finally got to see our Shakespeare, thanks to you.
      Frank: Thanks to you, yes! You can't leave!
      Geoffrey Tennant: Well, I'm sorry, I am. Best of luck with what's left of your lives.

    • Ellen Fanshaw: You told Richard that Charles was dying. That was a betrayal.
      Barbara: I'd do it again.
      Ellen Fanshaw: You are a shallow, vain, selfish bitch!
      Barbara: I came for one reason ...
      Ellen Fanshaw: You don't think of anyone but yourself!
      Barbara: One reason, to spend a season with you! And frankly, I don't think it was worth the price.
      Ellen Fanshaw: What price?
      Barbara: A friendship.

    • (Geoffrey is saying good bye to Anna.)
      Geoffrey Tennant: What do you think granny Conroy would say?
      Anna Conroy: She would say "no pasaran"! (rises her fist)
      Bolivian musician: No pasaran!
      Geoffrey Tennant: What does that mean?
      Anna Conroy: It means "never surrender".
      Geoffrey Tennant: Anna, you I will miss!

    • (Geoffrey is about to sign his letter of resignation.)
      Oliver Wells: Running away, that's what you always do. Don't you think for once in your life you should stay and fight?
      Geoffrey Tenannt: Don't bother.
      Oliver Wells: Geoffrey, please! This is your home, it's your family. Please don't leave me alone!
      Geoffrey Tenannt: Oliver, wherever it is that I'm going, please, and i underscore please, don't be there.

    • Lawyer: Is there any justification for doing what you did?
      Geoffrey Tennant: I believed that Charles Kingman would deliver one of the greatest Lears ever.

    • (Anna, Geoffrey and Richard are being questioned by a insurance lawyer in order to find out if the insurance is going to pay the damage done by cancelling "Lear".)
      Lawyer: Mister Tennant, when did you first realize that your leading actor Charles Kingman was dying?
      Geoffrey Tennant: When he shot up with heroin in front of me.

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