Slings and Arrows

Season 3 Episode 6

The Promised End

Aired Unknown Aug 28, 2006 on The Movie Network



  • Quotes

    • Anna Conroy: Just say it, Richard. Say "you're fired".
      Richard Smith-Jones: Anna, I'm not firing you.
      Anna Conroy: You're firing me.
      Richard Smith-Jones: No, Anna, I don't fire friends.
      Anna Conroy: Richard, we're really not friends.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Okay, c'mon Anna, that's, that's just the way you feel right now, you know, at ten fifteen in the morning on whatever day it ist, in whatever year, you know, besides, you're upset, you know, I think that invalidates your opinion.
      Anna Conroy: All right. I'll do it myself, I do everything around here: "Anna, you're fired! Go, clean out your desk!"
      Richard Smith-Jones: Anna, I'm not firing you, okay? I don't fire friends, I don't! Please! Please ...
      Anna Conroy: Okay, you're not firing me ...
      Richard Smith-Jones: Yeah, good.
      (Anna starts to cry.)
      Richard Smith-Jones: Oh, Anna, don't cry. Look, I know you're upset, Charles dying and everything ...
      Anna Conroy: It's not Charles. It's you. You came so close, Richard, to becoming a human being. You lost your soul and now you're just a fool.
      Richard Smith-Jones: Okay, Anna, clean out your desk.
      Anna Conroy: Thank you, Richard.

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