SM Girls Saber Marionette R

Premiered Jun 22, 2004 Special


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SM Girls Saber Marionette R

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Episodes: 3 colored episodes (OAV)

Age Rating: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)

Genre: Science FictionRomana is a kingdom far in the future, where the waning female population has been supplemented by androids called Marionettes. When the evil Starface is freed from prison, he executes a vicious plan to overthrow the kingdom. The only surviving member of the royal family is Junior, a harmless and wide-eyed innocent boy, who has three courageous Marionettes to protect him. Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry will give their all to save the future king of Romana!

This series actually takes place before Saber Marionette J.

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AIRED ON 6/22/2004

Season 1 : Episode 3