Small Town Security

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Small Town Security

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Small Town Security is an unscripted series on AMC about a small, family-owned private security company located in rural Georgia.

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AIRED ON 6/25/2014

Season 3 : Episode 8


    AMC Has Canceled All But Two of Its Reality Shows in Order to Focus on Scripted Programming

    Game of Arms, Small Town Security, and more are toast.


    AMC Is Getting More Real With an Arm-wrestling Reality Show and Another Season of Small Town Security

    The home of Best Dramas Mad Men and Breaking Bad and monster hit The Walking Dead has greenlit a reality show about arm wrestling. Arm wrestling!

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    • Small Town Security Time Change

      This is the best news ever moving this crap to 1AM. everybody says they love Joan well I met Joan the chief in 2001 here in Ringgold, GA where I live. I moved here that year from New York. it did not take but 5 minutes being in her presence that I came to dislike her. All you fans that love her so much meet her off camera one on one and see how nasty and obnoxious she is. The best thing that came out of her show Small Town Security is that her clients are canceling their contracts with her security company because they want no association with her because of the show. So I am glad you are moving it to 1AM the next best thing is canceling this crap all together. It is an embarrassment to the Town of Ringgold, GA and the people who live heremoreless
    • Here's your sign kill me now, please!

      There is nothing redeeming about this series, it is depressing beyond belief. AMC seems to think it has something quirky and off the wall. In reality it feels like something the North Korean government would broadcast to sap its citizens' will to live.

      This is about as ignorant as cable TV can get.

      I would rather watch mental defectives drool on each other for 30 min than suffer to watch THESE mental defectives live their lives for public consumption.

      I understand now why suicide is increasing in popularity in rural areas.

      Just when I think cable TV can't squat and defecate anything worse another giant stinker shows up.

      My suggestion is to use the whole roll of TP to wipe this hot mess off and file it down amnesia lane. This turd is worse than amphibian frog shit at the bottom of a pre-historic cesspool. Let's hope this turdly treasure gets buried and stays that way.

    • Small Town Security- -A Little Show with a Big Heart

      I originally stumbled across Small Town Security on Netflix, and decided (with more than a little apprehension) to watch an episode. A few short hours later, I was desperately searching for Season Two, which I finally found links for on Project Free TV. What excellent viewing! As good as Season One was, it was blown away by Season Two, in which Denise Croft finally begins the more physical part of the transformation into Dennis Starr, who could easily be America's next big role model. Handsome, kind, and self-assured, Mr. Starr surely won't be single for long.

      As other relationships between this small family of coworkers were explored, and each character moved from being portrayed as a "small-town southerner" cliche, and instead were portrayed as thinking, caring human beings that many of us can identify with, I began to notice that I was watching with less and less voyeurism, and beginning to care for and like each person being filmed.

      I dearly hope that there will be a Season Three, and soon. The folks on Small Town Security feel more like a group of dear friends now, and I miss having them around each day. My only complaint is the short duration of each visit, and the scanty number of episode each season.

      Please make Small Town Security an hour-long show, and let us get to know these great individuals on a deeper and more regular basis. Also, how do I sign up for the "Dennis Starr FanClub"??? He is sooooo handsome!!!moreless

      The only thing that I dislike about the show (and there is ONLY one thing) is that it's only on for 30 minutes! Cant AMC make it 60 minutes? PLEASE! I am patiently waiting to see announcements about when season 3 is going to happen!


      One of Small Town Security's biggest fans!

    • LOVE this of the most entertaining shows you'll EVER see.....

      I love small town being the best show on tv, they are even show that with their fans, Sending pictures and autographs and just being look forward every single time their on, just getting away from my problems and getting encouraged by them and their have faced their problems, but always show how much they love each other and stick by one another in the hard can make you laugh at the same LOVE small town rocks.moreless

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