Small Wonder

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Small Wonder

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Small Wonder was a sci-fi sitcom about a family who has a robot daughter. Ted Lawson, an engineer at a huge robotics firm, brings home a project that he is working on: a robot in the shape of a 10-year-old girl. The robot was a Voice Input Child Indenticant (V.I.C.I.), but was nicknamed Vicki for short. Not only did she brighten up Ted's wife Joan, but also was a great sister to their only child Jamie Lawson. They tried to keep the fact that Vicki was a robot from the entire world, but found it difficult when their neighbors, The Brindles, started snooping around the house. What the bad part was, Brandon Brindle, the head of the Brindle family, was Ted's boss and he does his best to lie, cheat, and steal to get him further up the corporate ladder. His wife, Bonnie, was no better than he was, and his bratty daughter Harriet had a killer crush on Jamie. Jamie, however, would rather play with Reggie, his best friend and confidant than to have Harriet chase him everywhere. Jamie also tried to teach Vicki how to be a normal kid, but all she could do is mimic people and do things literally. Vicki also had an evil side to her named Vanessa, who was smart-mouthed, conniving and treacherous at times. But other than that, the Lawsons enjoyed four years of living with a robot and no one outside the family was ever the wiser, not even the ever-nosy Brindles. Small Wonder ran in syndication from 1985 to 1989 and was a ratings hit. There were talks of doing a spin-off series dedicated to Vanessa named Too Good to Be True but it died in the planning stages. Theme Song: She's a small wonder Pretty and bright with soft curls She's a small wonder A girl unlike other girls She's a miracle, and I grant you, she'll enchant you at first sight She's a small wonder And she'll make your heart take flight She's fantastic, made of plastic Microchips here and there She's a small wonder, Brings love and laughter everywhere!

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  • Comedy show !

    All time favourite show.. in hearts forever
  • Missing the 80's...

    Some of the best shows I've ever seen were made in the 80's. Small wonder is one of them. Family oriented, always funny, one of the best comedies ever.
  • Wish there were more shows like this

    Somehow the theme song from this show just popped into my mind last night. I asked my daughter if she remembered the show, and she did. It was a great family show that we never missed!
  • One of the cutest shows I've ever seen!

    I never got a chance to see Small Wonder in my youth until I saw it on the net last year. After watchin' the first episode, "Vicki's Homecoming", I fell in love with the show. After watchin' it lots of times, I think Small Wonder is one of the cutest shows I've ever seen! Vicki and Harriet are my faves. While Harriet may be a sneak and a pest, she's a cute and adorable sneak and pest! Seriously. I've seen most of the episodes. This ranks as one of the 3 cute shows of the 80's in my book. Punky Brewster and Webster are the other 2.moreless

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