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Small Wonder

Season 3 Episode 4

Bride and Groom

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1987 on
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Episode Summary

Bride and Groom
Jamie is picked up by the possessive daughter of Ted's boss who starts pulling his strings the wrong way.

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    Alyson Croft

    Alyson Croft

    Karen Jennings

    Guest Star

    Lucy Lee Flippin

    Lucy Lee Flippin

    Mrs. Jennings

    Guest Star

    Ted Pitsis

    Ted Pitsis

    Mr. Jennings, Jr.

    Guest Star

    Paul C. Scott

    Paul C. Scott


    Recurring Role

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      • Harriet: Hi Vicki.
        Vicki: Hi Harriet.
        Harriet: (Sees Karen) Who's that?
        Vicki: That's Karen Jennings, the word "fox" comes racing to my lips. (Howls)
        Karen: (Sees Harriet) And what is that?
        Vicki: That's Harriet Brindle, our neighbor and favorite peeping tomboy.
        Harriet: What are you doing in my man's bedroom?
        Karen: Get lost button-nose, I moved in on you and I'm here to stay. You can turn out the lights, the party's over.
        Harriet: That's what you think eagle-beak! I'm small but I'm dangerous, sort of like a warthog. Besides I've got Jamie right under my thumb, my dad is his dad's boss!
        Karen: Well, if you don't wanna get your dad fired, you better beat it. Because my dad is your dad's new boss.
        Harriet: Is that a threat?
        Karen: Yes.
        Harriet: Just checking, see ya!

      • Vicki: (Trying to get Jamie out of bed) Time to wake up.
        Jamie: I can get up whenever I want, it's Saturday.
        Vicki: Time to get up. (Pulls Jamie out of bed)
        Karen: Morning sleepy head.
        Jamie: Hi. KAREN?! What are you doing here?
        Karen: I'm bringing you breakfast in bed, cute stuff.
        Jamie: Thanks. But first I'd better go brush my teeth. You know, morning mouth. Would you mind turning around and covering your eyes?
        Karen: Sure, I like modesty in a man. (Moves her fingers to see Jamie) Cute PJ's!
        Jamie: Vicki, bring me my robe and slippers please.

      • Jamie: Dad, can I have an advance of ten bucks on my allowance?
        Ted: You're already well-advanced into the 21st century.
        Joan: Jamie, you should've thought about having enough money before you asked this girl out.
        Jamie: Oh I didn't ask her, she asked me.
        Ted: Well then let her father come up with ten bucks.
        Jamie: He sure could use it, he's your new boss.
        Ted: My new boss? Harold Jenning's daughter?
        Jamie: Yeah that her, Karen Jennings.
        Ted: Here's ten bucks Jamie.
        Jamie: Well Karen's gonna be here any second. I'm going to put on some cologne
        Ted: Use mine! It's on the top shelf. It's called "Private Eye". One whiff and she'll follow you anywhere!

      • Jamie: Hi.
        Ted: Aren't ya just a little overdressed for pot roast?
        Jamie: No, I'm havin' dinner out. I have a date.
        Ted: A date?
        Joan: With whom?
        Jamie: A new girl in the neighborhood. The word "fox" comes racing to my lips. (Howls)
        Ted: Sounds like the fox is going out with the wolf.

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