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(ended 1989)

I loved the episodes where Mr Lawson tried to make Vicki more human.

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    There was a few episodes where Ted Lawson tried to make Vicki more human.  I loved the episode where he tried to make it so Vicki could eat and drink.  He had a cookie and a glass of milk.  He told her to eat the cookie.  He then asked her how she felt, and she said, "I feel fine."  Then she was told to drink the milk.  She did this, and Ted asked her how she felt, and this time, she responded with "I feel just fine."  What was so hilarious about this was that it was obivous she was not fine, because the tone of her voice sounded as if she was drowning.  It was all distorted and fuzzy. LOL.  These episodes were my favorites.

     I think there was another episode where Ted wanted to make it so she could go to the bathroom, but I could be wrong.

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