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(ended 1989)

Small Wonder is the best Techological/ fantasy show of the last thirty years.

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    I loved this show when it was orignally aired, and I love it still. It is a techalogical tour de force. I think that every child at some point fantasizes about having a robot of their very own. What I think is so great about this show is that it made this fantasy come alive for a short time. Here we are in the twenty first century, and we are no closer to having human androidrobots in our homes. Honda Motor Co has been working feverishly on a robot called asimo for many years, but he is still not as advanced as VICI was. I think we have only one small percentage of the power that would make Small Wonder a reality. Even if we had the power, it will still be awhile before we can even entertain ideas of having our very own Small Wonders, and if this becomes a reality could it lead to the end of the human race in the long run. Would it be possible to love a robot as much as a human child. Would it be possible to give a robot adroid like VICI a birth date based on their date of manufacture, and then calculate a date that would be apropretie for their death. I'd better stop before I get to deep into this topic.

    Small Wonder is quick displacing my all time favorite show Punky Brewster. Right now these two are tied for first position.

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